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We are thrilled to bring our holistic approach to pest control to the residents and businesses of Parkland, offering them sustainable solutions that promote a healthier living environment.”

— Franklin Hernandez

PARKLAND, FLORIDA, USA, February 17, 2024 / — NaturePest, the leading holistic pest control solutions provider, is excited to announce its expansion into Parkland, Florida. With a commitment to environmentally friendly practices and cutting-edge technologies, NaturePest offers comprehensive pest management services prioritizing the health and safety of customers and the environment.

As a reputable pest control company known for its holistic approach, NaturePest takes pride in delivering practical solutions that address pest infestations while minimizing the use of harmful chemicals. With a focus on integrated pest management (IPM) techniques, NaturePest employs preventive measures, biological controls, and natural products to achieve long-term pest control results.

“Expanding our services to Parkland is an important milestone for NaturePest,” said Franklin Hernandez, Owner of NaturePest. “We are thrilled to bring our holistic approach to pest control to the residents and businesses of Parkland, offering them sustainable solutions that promote a healthier living environment.”

NaturePest’s services in Parkland include:

Holistic Pest Control: NaturePest utilizes eco-friendly methods to control common pests such as ants, roaches, rodents, mosquitoes, and more. By targeting pests at their source and implementing preventive measures, NaturePest helps customers achieve long-term pest-free living spaces.

Organic Facilities Compliant Pest Control: With a focus on organic and natural products, NaturePest provides pest control solutions that are safer for use in facilities such as schools, healthcare facilities, and food processing plants. The same organic pest control methods used in organic facilities ensure effective pest control without compromising safety or environmental sustainability.

Pest Proofing and Exclusion: NaturePest offers pest-proofing and exclusion services to prevent pests from entering homes and businesses. By identifying and sealing off potential entry points, NaturePest helps customers fortify their properties against pest invasions, reducing the need for chemical treatments.

Natural Mosquito Control: In Parkland’s warm and humid climate, mosquitoes can be a persistent nuisance. NaturePest’s natural mosquito control services utilize innovative methods such as natural pest control ATSB (Attractive Targeted Sugar Baits) and mosquito traps to effectively reduce mosquito populations without harming beneficial insects or the environment.

Holistic Lawn: NaturePest provides holistic lawn care services that promote healthy turf and landscape, reducing the use of synthetic chemicals. By focusing on soil health, proper irrigation, and natural fertilization techniques, NaturePest helps customers achieve lush, vibrant lawns while minimizing environmental impact.

As part of its commitment to sustainability, NaturePest employs advanced technologies and ongoing research to develop innovative pest control solutions that are both effective and environmentally responsible. By partnering with NaturePest, residents, and businesses in Parkland can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their pest control needs are being addressed safely and sustainably.

For more information about NaturePest’s holistic pest control services in Parkland, Florida, or to schedule a consultation, please visit or contact (786) 222-7069

About NaturePest:

NaturePest is a leading provider of holistic pest control solutions, serving residential and commercial customers across Florida. With a commitment to environmental stewardship and customer satisfaction, NaturePest offers eco-friendly pest management services prioritizing safety, sustainability, and effectiveness. From organic facilities-compliant pest control to natural mosquito control and holistic lawn care, NaturePest provides comprehensive solutions tailored to each customer’s unique needs.


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