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The application aims to change the digital advertising business model and reduce inflation’s negative impact on citizens’ incomes.

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 17, 2024 / — Aething Inc. received 5 million USD in investments in the first round of funding to create a new mobile application for everything. The application aims to change the digital advertising business model and reduce inflation’s negative impact on citizens’ incomes.

About Aething App:

What is the new mobile app for everything Aething? To answer this question, you need to look at the applications installed on your mobile phone. Despite the abundance of noise regarding new applications appearing on the market, they are all divided into several groups. Each of us uses one or two applications from this small list of five to seven items.

A group of messengers and social networks, navigation applications, and banking applications, perhaps you also have some professional specialized applications and a couple of shopping applications. The brands and designs of these listed apps have changed over the past decades, but for at least the last ten or twenty years, there has been nothing fundamentally new in the mobile app market.

Of course, we must mention aggregators such as Booking or Uber, these companies changed entire industries for a long time and created a new niche for developing many competitive solutions.

It is such a fundamentally new tool that can change the market and create a new type of advertising and entertainment, a new tool for the professional activities of marketing agencies, and at the same time a new type of leisure and a new communication technology. The developers of a new mobile application for everything Aething App promises to create all this.

How does it work?

The app directly connects clients and businesses and lets any companies in the world make their marketing budgets useful not just for business but for everyone. Only with Aething’s patented app does any business directly send payment and advertising to its customers.

For the business.

Aething app it’s an emergency commercial that allows you to reach the majority of clients in a given area in the shortest possible time.

Aething brings back digital advertising, the sole source of information about available products and services, as it is in traditional culture. This gives businesses back their reputation as creators who improve the lives of all people every day.

For each of us.

Aething makes it possible to avoid the negative impact of inflation because it puts a person first in the chain of creation of any products and services. App provides the opportunity not only to receive timely information and services and products created by the hard work of many people but also gives everyone the means to purchase them and the opportunity to create their own small business.

Gives us a constant opportunity to confront all life’s obstacles.

Ihar Kul
Aething Inc.
+1 917-640-2582
email us here

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