Proper installation is key to the effectiveness of storm-proof doors and windows.”

— Robert Jacques

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA, UNITED STATES, February 19, 2024 / — With the hurricane season fast approaching, America’s Best Choice, a premier door and window business based in Louisiana, today shared essential guidance for homeowners looking to storm-proof their properties. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by residents of New Orleans, the company offers expert advice on selecting the right materials, installation techniques, and maintenance practices to enhance the resilience of homes against severe weather.

Robert Jacques, the esteemed owner of America’s Best Choice, underscores the importance of proactive preparation for the hurricane season. “In an area as susceptible to storms as New Orleans, ensuring that your home is equipped with doors and windows designed to withstand severe weather is not just an investment in your property, but a crucial step in safeguarding your family,” Jacques stated.

Selecting Storm-Proof Doors and Windows

The cornerstone of storm-proofing any home lies in choosing the right materials. America’s Best Choice recommends high-impact doors and windows, specifically designed to resist strong winds and flying debris. These products are typically made from heavy-duty aluminum or vinyl frames, combined with impact-resistant glass, providing an essential barrier against the elements.

Installation Techniques Matter

Equally important to the material selection is the installation process. “Proper installation is key to the effectiveness of storm-proof doors and windows,” Jacques emphasized. America’s Best Choice advocates for professional installation by experienced technicians, ensuring that all products are securely anchored and sealed to prevent water intrusion and structural damage during a storm.

Maintenance Tips for Hurricane Season

To maintain the integrity of storm-proof doors and windows, regular maintenance is essential. Homeowners are encouraged to inspect seals and weather-stripping annually for signs of wear and tear, and to keep tracks and hinges clean for optimal operation. “A well-maintained door or window is far more likely to perform as expected when you need it most,” Jacques added.

Custom Solutions for New Orleans Homes

Understanding that each home in New Orleans has its unique architectural style and specific needs, America’s Best Choice offers custom solutions designed to blend seamlessly with any home’s aesthetic while providing maximum protection. From historic French Quarter residences to modern suburban homes, the company tailors its products to meet the diverse requirements of the New Orleans community.

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