Small Business Marketing Solutions, a San Diego-based marketing agency, shares the top ways hiring a fractional CMO helps contractors grow their business

A fractional CMO is just a fancy way of saying “marketing manager” or “marketing director”. They work outside of the office on a part-time basis for several companies.”

— Nicole Crocker, Founder of SBMS Media

SAN DIEGO, CA, USA, February 19, 2024 / — Successful entrepreneurs of construction, remodeling, and home services companies of all sizes are making a strategic and innovative move that is proving to be one of the most important in their business this year. They are hiring fractional CMOs. This new trend in hiring an outsourced expert, rather than a full-service marketing agency, is helping to propel businesses all over the United States, helping with sales, growth, and profitability.

A fractional CMO is an outsourced Chief Marketing Officer who performs the duties of an in-house executive-level manager. The marketing expert is a 3rd party expert who comes to the team without the risk, commitment, or high costs of an employee. When hiring a fractional CMO rather than an in-house marketing director, business owners can anticipate a 25 – 50% savings. From campaign conceptualization and strategy to execution, a fractional CMO is fully invested in the company’s success. This one investment is saving business owners who are in startup mode a tremendous amount of time, money, and stress.

Here are five ways a fractional CMO can be the catalyst for transformation in a construction company, freeing up their time to maximize their potential.

1. Planning and Budgeting
The home services industry thrives on innovation and forward-thinking but often lacks the bandwidth to explore and execute ideas. Having a sounding board for their ideas can be a game-changer for these business owners.

No great idea has to die on the vine because the fractional CMO listens to their concepts, offers insights, analyzes costs and timelines, refines the campaign idea, and transforms them into actionable campaign strategies.

Additionally, the fractional CMO doubles as a dedicated researcher. In an environment where staying ahead of trends and understanding market dynamics is crucial, having someone skilled in market research becomes invaluable. The fractional CMO delves into industry trends, consumer behaviors, and competitor landscapes, providing them with the data-driven foundation needed to make informed decisions. This ensures that their innovative ideas are not just bold but also backed by a solid understanding of the market.

2. Lead Generation
Securing a consistent flow of leads is the lifeblood of any construction business. However, the complexities of lead generation can often be overwhelming. Enter the fractional CMO, their dedicated lead generator.

The fractional CMO takes charge of developing and implementing robust lead-generation strategies. From optimizing a business’s online presence to crafting targeted marketing campaigns, they ensure a steady stream of potential clients. This strategic approach saves them time and guarantees that their construction business is consistently in the spotlight, attracting the right kind of projects.

3. Unmatched Sales Support
Generating leads is only part of the task. The next is the complex task of converting them. This takes an enormous amount of skill and the right sales tools. This is another area where a fractional CMO is indispensable.

They step in as a valuable ally to their sales department, providing them with the tools they need to succeed. A fractional CMO can provide well-designed brochures, and compelling presentations, and put insightful case studies at their fingertips, all crafted to support the company’s sales team.

This collateral not only aids in closing deals but also contributes to overall client satisfaction. The seamless collaboration between marketing and sales, facilitated by their fractional CMO, ensures that their construction company presents itself as a reliable and professional partner to potential clients. With sales support off their plate, business owners can concentrate on steering their construction projects toward success.

4. Data Management and Administrative Assistance
Data is a powerful asset. However, managing and deriving meaningful insights from this data can be a time-consuming task. The fractional CMO steps in to take charge of data management, organizing marketing analytics for a clear and comprehensive view of their performance metrics.

Beyond data management, the fractional CMO provides valuable administrative assistance, streamlining processes and handling intricate details. This ensures that their construction projects are not just driven by vision but also by well-managed and organized data. With administrative tasks off their plate, business owners can focus on the strategic aspects of growing their construction business.

5. Reputation Management
In the home services, remodeling, and construction industry, reputation management is non-negotiable.

The digital age puts every service industry business at the fingertips of consumers and handling online feedback and strengthening a positive presence requires expert attention.

The fractional CMO takes on the responsibility of monitoring and enhancing the brand’s image. They offer a proactive approach to addressing customer feedback, managing online reviews, and implementing strategies to boost and protect the company’s reputation.

This proactive approach to reputation management safeguards the brand, fostering trust among clients and stakeholders.

With a fractional CMO at the helm, business owners can be confident that their construction company is perceived positively in the competitive marketplace. This protects their brand from potential challenges and sets the stage for sustained growth and success.

Hiring a fractional CMO is an excellent choice for solopreneurs and micro-businesses who are looking to grow their business with intent. Entrepreneurs of startups often reach out to inquire about hiring an outsourced marketing manager when a spouse or partner has exhausted their knowledge and the growth of the company has become stagnant. Other times they inquire about hiring a fractional CMO when they have recently lost an in-house marketing manager and have decided to try another method outside of a full-time in-house marketing director. Some of the benefits of hiring a fractional CMO are the ability to save costs on software, and training, as well as hard-cost and time savings through streamlining processes that were spread out amongst multiple employees or vendors.

Small and medium-sized businesses often reach out to inquire about fractional CMO services when their in-house marketing manager needs some added direction that the entrepreneur does not feel qualified to provide. These businesses often have an in-house marketing director with a team of in-house employees or vendors whom the business owner trusts. Marketing is a creative medium and many companies find that collaboration with a fractional CMO on a campaign helps to breathe fresh life into the team. It allows them to leverage the experience and industry knowledge of a fractional CMO, bringing in fresh perspectives and specialized skills, while still utilizing the existing team’s skills for implementation. Ultimately, any organization seeking to enhance its marketing efforts and drive growth can find value in partnering with a fractional CMO.

Whether to develop immediate strategies or help align the company’s long-term marketing goals, the fractional CMO takes on the strategic role, bringing value and knowledge while additionally fulfilling many roles typically burdened by the business owner alone.

Nicole Crocker, founder of Small Business Marketing Solutions, shared, “More often than not, business owners of micro and small businesses fill the role of CMO themselves. As the founder of a construction company, the entrepreneur should be spending their time on sales and operations. When a business owner is managing the marketing and advertising of their business, their attention is being taken away from core expert knowledge. Which means they are not able to perform revenue-generating activities. Most of the contractors we speak with don’t realize there is an alternative to the costs of hiring an in-house marketing director. They have no idea of the opportunities hiring a fractional executive can bring to the table. Especially one who has industry experience.”

In essence, a fractional CMO is not just a marketing professional; they are a strategic partner unlocking the true potential of their construction business. By assuming these diverse roles, they empower the business owner to focus on their core competencies and strengths. The collaborative synergy between the business owner and their fractional CMO becomes the driving force behind a well-orchestrated marketing strategy, propelling their construction company to new heights.

About SBMS Media
Small Business Marketing Solutions (SBMS Media) is a San Diego-based marketing agency and a provider of Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) services, specializing in helping contractors, home builders, and home service providers achieve remarkable growth through tailored marketing strategies. With a team of seasoned professionals, SBMS Media empowers businesses to stand out in the competitive home service industry.

Those having questions about fractional CMOs, or want to know if their company is ready for one or could benefit from their transformative services are encouraged to contact Small Business Marketing Solutions for a free consultation. The company, which partners with home service businesses of all sizes, reshapes the way the industry approaches success in the competitive construction landscape.

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