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“We know for a fact there are homeowners who purchased a new home in a subdivision in Washington State in 2020-2023-whose home builder never came back to repair workmanship-or construction defects.”

— Washington Construction Defect Center

SEATTLE , WASHINGTON , USA, February 29, 2024 / — The Washington Construction Defect Center is urging a homeowner in a new single family home subdivision anywhere in Washington State that was built in 2020-2023 to call them at 866-714-6466 if their home builder failed to fix problems with the new home that were identified to the home builder during the one-year warranty period. Since that time have new construction defect issues been identified by the homeowner?

The Washington Construction Defect Center has been assisting homeowners in Washington State for two decades and they do not want homeowners in newer subdivisions in Washington State to get left holding the construction defect bag for workmanship-or construction defect issues the home builder should have repaired. https://Washington.ConstructionDefectCenter.Com

The group says, “We know for a fact there are homeowners who purchased a new home in a subdivision anywhere in Western-Eastern Washington State in 2020-2023-whose home builder never came back to repair workmanship-or glaring construction defect issues the homeowner identified to the home builder before the end on the one year warranty period-and or has since called the home builder about a new serious construction defect—with no call back from the home builder. We want to help people like this as we would be happy to discuss at 866-714-6466.

“We are not a law firm-we are advocates for homeowners who live in a new-newer subdivision that has serious construction defect issues.” https://Washington.ConstructionDefectCenter.Com

The Washington Construction Defect Center Would Like to Hear from Homeowners in New Subdivisions If They Have the Following Types of Problems:

*Water leaks because of improperly installed or defective siding.

*Improperly installed windows that create water leaks.

*Exterior doors that were improperly installed-with the result being water leaks.

*Defective roofs that were improperly flashed or installed and or that have defective roofing material.

*Severe foundation cracks or foundations that are not level.

*Single family homes in newer subdivisions with mold issues because the building was not protected during the framing/drywall process.

*Improperly installed or defective wood fascia board or wood trim.

*Improper exterior calking of exterior siding that leads to water leaks and or mold.

The Construction Defect Center is one of the nation’s premier construction defect advocates for homeowners, and they have been assisting homeowners stuck with construction defects for two decades. https://ConstructionDefectCenter.Com

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Washington Construction Defect Center
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