‘If your husband is a Navy Veteran with lung cancer and he had routine exposure to asbestos before 1983-call us at 866-714-6466. We will make certain you are talking to the nation’s top attorneys.”

— US Navy Veterans Lung Cancer Advocate

WASHINGTON , DC, USA, February 22, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The US Navy Veterans Lung Cancer Advocates says, “We are the best branded advocacy group in the USA for Navy Veterans who had routine exposure to asbestos in the navy before 1983-and who have now developed lung cancer. We want people like this to get the best possible compensation results. As we are always happy to discuss at 866-714-6466-financial compensation for a person like this might exceed $100,000.

“What makes us unique is we offer direct access to some of the nation’s most elite asbestos attorneys-because we know there is a direct relationship between having the best legal representation and the Veteran receiving the best possible compensation results. Most Navy Veterans who will develop lung cancer because of asbestos exposure before 1983 probably served on a navy ship, submarine or were assigned to shipyard.

“To get compensated it is vital the Navy Veteran who has lung cancer and their family start the compensation process as soon as possible because there are-statute of limitations issues. As we mentioned–if your husband is a Navy Veteran with lung cancer and he had significant exposure to asbestos before 1983-please call us at 866-714-6466. We will make certain you are talking to the nation’s top attorneys asap.” https://USNavyLungCancer.Com

To get compensated a Navy Veteran-Veteran with asbestos exposure lung cancer the following is required:

* The Navy Veteran-Veteran must have been exposed to asbestos prior to 1983 in the armed forces.

* The Navy Veteran’s-Veteran’s exposure to asbestos must have been substantial and must have involved exposure to asbestos involving more than one product. The ideal Veteran who now has asbestos exposure lung cancer for the Advocate would be one who worked as a mechanic, machinist, assisted shipyard workers at a shipyard, worked as an electrician, as a construction worker, plumber or pipefitter, or a member of a repair crew.

* The Navy Veteran-Veteran must be able to get very specific about how, where and when they were exposed to asbestos.

* It is vital the Navy Veteran, or Veteran have a confirmed diagnosis of lung cancer. This will include medical records that confirm their lung cancer, service records that list the Veteran’s job or specialty. https://USNavyLungCancer.Com

The Advocate says, “We do not want to overwhelm a Navy Veteran-Veteran who now has asbestos exposure lung cancer with a long checklist-but to get compensated-all of these things will be necessary. Our appeal is nationwide. If the person, we have just described sounds like your husband, dad or relative–please share this article with them or their family and have them call us at 866-714-6466.” https://USNavyLungCancer.Com

Michael Thomas
US Navy Veterans Lung Cancer Compensation
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