Introducing modern wine cellars for discerning consumers.

DELSON, CANADA, February 22, 2024 / — The Wine Square, a Canadian manufacturer at the forefront of pioneering wine cellar solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest innovation, The TWS 360.

This breakthrough system seamlessly merges three cutting-edge technologies – the Isocase, Cavea, and The Cube° – to offer wine enthusiasts a functional and modern approach to preserving their collections.

The Isocase, a durable isolation enclosure, protects stored wines from external temperature and humidity fluctuations. Complementing this is the Cavea Glass System, which provides insulation, watertight sealing, and comprehensive light protection, crucial for maintaining the quality of stored wines.

Tying these all up is The Cube°. It’s a one-of-a-kind cooling system that’s whisper-quiet but delivers precise temperature control capabilities. It connects to the internet, enabling users to remotely check cellar conditions anytime. The device’s intuitive interface also continuously monitors and records the state of the wine cellar, sending alerts in case of anomalies.

“Smooth, quiet, and long-lasting – that’s the TWS 360,” says The Wine Square team. “We worked hard to be on the top step and offer very complex technology. It is difficult for a competitor to reach a step above us.”

The Wine Square goes beyond by offering complete customization for its wine cellars. Through its online platform, users can tailor every aspect of their cellar to suit their unique preferences. Also, since it’s a modular design, serviceability and maintenance of the units are simpler.

To learn more about The Wine Square and the TWS 360, visit

Jean-Francois Girard
The Wine Square
+1 844-888-5522

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