Arc. Carlo De Paolo

A new way of perceiving Luxury in contemporary living

ROME, ITALY, July 2, 2024 / — Luxury is a concept that has always fascinated man and that takes on a significant importance in our contemporary society. This symbolic status, associated with high-quality, exclusive and expensive goods and services, is often considered a desirable goal to achieve in the lives of many people.

The desire for luxury can come from various motivations, including the search for social recognition, the desire to feel special or the desire to stand out from others.

This research has become increasingly widespread both in the residential sector and in hospitality”, as recounted by Carlo De Paolo, an architect with international experience working in the hotel, private residences and collaborating with institutions and government offices.

Today, Luxury is a subjective phenomenon that concerns the projection of one’s being in the space we live. Its perception depends on our lives, experiences and knowledge. In architecture this perception is transmitted and perceived through details.

Satisfying the Customer’s request is part of the careful study of his requests, which can be addressed only through a methodical cognitive approach of habits and needs, with the aim of defining the best answers.

Details, at various levels, create the status of perceived luxury. Refinement and exclusivity, materials and shapes, size and position, define the details that, inserted in the architectural ensemble, transmit the sense of Luxury and quality of lifestyle. “Luxury is in the details“.

Architect De Paolo, founder of the Made In studio and winner in 2022 of the prestigious international Luxury Lifestyle Awards in New York, category “Best Luxury Hotel Interior Renovation”.

Carlo De Paolo is one of the most prominent Italian architects of his generation, with works created all over the world, mainly in Italy and Africa, and projects published in international architecture magazines and catalogues. His ideas are a continuous search for harmony between function and details, between perceptions and living.

Arch. Carlo De Paolo
Made In Studio
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