Clear, posted rules help set the tone for safe pool use and ensure that everyone understands what is expected of them.”

— Paul Lahare

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA, UNITED STATES, February 19, 2024 / — With the rise in pool ownership across South Louisiana, ensuring the safety of swimmers is a priority that cannot be overlooked. Cornerstone Pools Inc., a leading provider of pool services in the region, emphasizes the importance of implementing rigorous safety measures to prevent accidents and ensure a secure swimming environment. Paul Lahare, owner of Cornerstone Pools Inc., shares essential safety tips and practices that pool owners should adopt to safeguard their families and communities.

Secure the Pool Area: One of the primary steps in pool safety is securing the pool area with a fence. The barrier should be at least four feet high with self-latching gates to prevent unsupervised access by children. “A secure fence not only acts as a physical barrier but also serves as a critical layer of protection, reducing the risk of accidental drownings,” Lahare explains.

Install Pool Alarms: Pool alarms are a vital safety feature that should not be overlooked. These devices can alert owners to unexpected entries into the water, providing an additional layer of security. “Installing alarms on the pool surface or gate can be a lifesaver, especially for households with young children,” notes Lahare.

Maintain Clear Water: Ensuring the pool water is clean and clear is essential for safe swimming. It allows for better visibility, making it easier to spot swimmers who may be in distress. “Regular maintenance and chemical balance checks are crucial. It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about being able to see all parts of the pool clearly,” Lahare emphasizes.

Implement No-Diving Policies: In pools not designed for diving, it’s important to enforce a no-diving policy to prevent head and spinal injuries. “Many residential pools are not deep enough for safe diving. Clear signage and consistent reminders about no-diving rules can help prevent accidents,” Lahare advises.

Educate on Safe Swimming Practices: Education is a cornerstone of pool safety. Pool owners should ensure that all family members understand basic water safety practices and swimming skills. “Knowledge is power. Understanding how to swim properly and recognizing signs of someone struggling in water are fundamental skills that can prevent tragedies,” states Lahare.

Have Safety Equipment Readily Available: Safety equipment such as life rings, ropes, and pool hooks should be easily accessible around the pool area. This equipment can be crucial in assisting someone who is having difficulty in the water. “Having the right equipment at hand can make a significant difference in emergency situations. It’s about being prepared for the unexpected,” Lahare points out.

Establish Pool Rules: Setting clear pool rules is essential for maintaining a safe swimming environment. These rules should include no running around the pool, no unsupervised swimming, and no use of the pool under the influence of alcohol or drugs. “Clear, posted rules help set the tone for safe pool use and ensure that everyone understands what is expected of them,” Lahare highlights.

Conduct Regular Pool Inspections: Routine inspections of the pool and its equipment are necessary to identify and rectify potential hazards. “Checking for sharp edges, broken tiles, and ensuring all equipment is in good working order is part of a comprehensive approach to pool safety,” Lahare comments.

Promote Supervision: Constant, vigilant supervision is perhaps the most critical aspect of pool safety. Adults should always be present when the pool is in use, actively watching swimmers without distractions. “Supervision is the last line of defense against pool accidents. It requires undivided attention to ensure the safety of every swimmer,” Lahare concludes.

In summary, pool safety in South Louisiana is a multifaceted issue that requires the commitment of pool owners to implement and adhere to strict safety measures. Through the adoption of these practices, communities can enjoy the recreational benefits of swimming pools while minimizing the risks associated with water activities. Cornerstone Pools Inc. remains dedicated to promoting pool safety awareness and providing the necessary resources and services to ensure that pool owners are well-equipped to maintain a safe swimming environment.

For more information on pool safety and services, contact Cornerstone Pools Inc. directly.

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