Display Screen for Irish Photovoltaic School Programme

Visualisation of CO2-Avoidance and Solar Energy

Innovative Visualisation of Solar Energy for up to 1.600 Schools

DUBLIN, IRELAND, March 7, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — In the pursuit of a greener future, Ireland has embarked on a transformative journey with the Irish Photovoltaic (PV) School Programme. This initiative not only harnesses the power of solar energy but also seeks to educate and inspire the next generation of environmental stewards. However, one significant challenge persists: the invisibility of solar panels, particularly on obscured roofs. As the sun’s energy silently powers classrooms, the opportunity for students to engage with this renewable resource remains untapped.
Unveiling Solar Power: The Importance of Visibility
You walk through the doors of St Mary’s National School in Stranolar, greeted by the hum of learning and the buzz of youthful energy. Yet, amidst the bustling corridors, the source of energy that fuels the school’s activities remains hidden from view. With solar panels discreetly installed on the roof, the connection between sunlight and electricity remains an abstract concept for students.
Illuminating Knowledge with Solar Displays
PV Public Displays, exemplified by the cutting-edge Solar Display provided by German supplier Solarfox®, are becoming integral to the Irish Photovoltaic School Programme. Institutions like St. Mary’s are enthusiastically adopting these displays to bring attention to solar panels for students. Strategically placed at entrances or within the hallways, the Solar Display translates intricate data into captivating visuals, enabling students to observe solar energy generation in real-time. Public Solar Displays from Solarfox offer an effective way to make solar energy visible in schools, providing students with eye-catching visuals and dynamically changing content. By visually demonstrating the process of solar energy generation and allowing real-time tracking of energy production, these displays promote environmental awareness. Additionally, they visualize CO2 avoidance, showcasing the tangible impact of renewable energy in reducing carbon emissions.

Ireland boasts experienced installers, among them Barry Sharkey, who has successfully deployed Solarfox Displays for numerous years.
“We have been supplying and installing Solarfox® displays for several years with a high level of satisfaction for all our customers. Our customers include National schools and Secondary schools, kindergarten schools, local authority headquarters, public services buildings, and university colleges. All our customers are very happy with the Solarfox displays and the quality of the slide shows. The systems are very reliable, and the technical support from the Solarfox® team is excellent.” – Barry Sharkey (Managing Director, North West PV LTD)

Solarfox®, a renowned German manufacturer, leads the charge in solar visualisation technology. Solarfox® displays not only make solar energy visible but also serve as digital bulletin boards, providing schools with a multifunctional educational tool.
Our team boasts over 15 years of innovation into the research and development of the Solarfox® Display. Using the most modern and high-quality equipment, prioritising accessibility and user-friendliness with excellent service, these are cornerstones of our commitment to our customers. The typical German virtues naturally help us, and we are delighted that we have so many fans, especially among our European customers.” says Solarfox® Managing Director Michael Stübing.

Schools are now faced with the challenge of deciding on specific systems and manufacturers as part of the funding programme. Solarfox® sees itself in a leading position to meet the demand. Collaborating with various Irish PV wholesalers, Solarfox® ensures seamless integration of their displays into educational institutions nationwide.

Furthermore, with Solarfox®’s presence at the upcoming Solar Expo in Dublin between 20th – 21st March 2024, all are welcome to see first-hand, our commitment to advancing solar education in Ireland. Solarfox® will be present with it’s devices and team at the booth of Failtesolar (stand B5) and other Irish PV distributors.

Additional information: https://www.solar-fox.com/irish-schools or https://www.solar-fox.com/en

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