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SBMS Media, a leader in strategic marketing for construction and home services, advocates careful consideration of pros and cons when hiring a marketing team

Business owners should always take the time to understand the costs, timelines, pros and cons of any marketing campaign – and that includes hiring the staff to make it happen”

— Nicole Crocker, Founder of SBMS Media

SAN DIEGO, CA, USA, February 27, 2024 / — In a highly anticipated announcement, SBMS Media, renowned for its innovative marketing solutions tailored for the construction and home services industry, today unveiled a detailed guide aimed at assisting startup construction companies in making informed decisions between hiring an in-house marketing manager and engaging a marketing agency.

Exploring Cost-Efficiency in Marketing Choices
The guide meticulously lays out the financial implications of both arrangements, underscoring the hidden costs of an in-house hire such as software subscriptions, training expenses, and additional employee benefits versus the consolidated expense under a single agreement with a marketing agency. It emphasizes how businesses might better allocate resources with a clearer overview of costs associated with each option.

Balanced Access to Expertise
While highlighting the advantage of accessing a full team of experts through a marketing agency, SBMS Media also recognizes the merit of cultivating a dedicated, internal marketing role. Agencies bring a wide array of skills from branding and content creation to SEO but the continuity and deep company understanding that an in-house marketer can develop is unmatched. The guide explores how blending internal and external expertise can often yield the most dynamic marketing strategies, often with the partnership of a fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer).

Scalability, Flexibility, and Specialized Talent
The scalability and flexibility of marketing agencies are touted as beneficial for growing businesses, offering a wide-ranging skill set that can adapt as the business evolves. On the flip side, the guide also points out the value of having an in-house marketer who grows alongside the company, developing specialized skills that are finely tuned to the company’s unique trajectory.

Industry Insights Versus In-House Perspective
Marketing agencies often bring broad industry insights and a third-party perspective that can inject innovation into marketing strategies. However, an in-house marketing manager provides invaluable internal insights that stem from a deep understanding of the company’s ethos and long-term goals, which can be crucial for brand consistency.

Efficiency and Proven Track Records
Relieving business owners of the day-to-day complexities of marketing strategies by employing a marketing agency is highlighted for its contribution to efficient time management. Conversely, the dedication and singular focus of an in-house marketing manager can streamline efforts directly aligned with the company’s vision, possibly offering more direct control over projects.

Vendor Management and Adaptability
SBMS Media’s guide delineates the extensive role marketing agencies can play in vendor management, a task traditionally taken on by in-house managers. It also praises the adaptability of agencies to market trends, ensuring businesses remain at the cutting edge of marketing strategies.
Nevertheless, it’s acknowledged that in-house professionals equally develop vendor relationships built on close collaboration and sustained engagement, often leading to long-term partnerships that benefit the business. Their proximity to the daily operations allows them to tailor marketing strategies that are immediately responsive to the company’s changing needs.

“In the critical growth stages of their third, fourth, or fifth year, entrepreneurs often grapple with the decision between hiring an in-house marketing manager and a marketing agency,” said a spokesperson for SBMS Media. “There’s a prevalent myth that marketing agencies are a luxury only large companies can afford. However, our guide reveals that with thoughtful consideration, startups can find cost-effective, efficient, and impactful marketing solutions, whether that means bringing in a dedicated professional in-house or partnering with a full-service agency.”

The guide affirms that the ultimate decision hinges on each business’s specific needs, goals, and resources, advocating for a balanced view that considers the pros and cons of each approach.

For more detailed insights and to explore the full guide, visit SBMS Media’s official website or contact their expert team directly.

About SBMS Media
SBMS Media has established itself as a leading force in strategic marketing solutions specifically designed for contractors. With a commitment to helping businesses achieve their growth potential through informed and affordable marketing strategies, SBMS Media continues to be the partner of choice for the construction and home service industry serving startups and established companies alike.

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