Famed Artist Fan – Zeng , Commissioned Sandra Costa with Exterior Modular Rendering Design

With 3 global building expos in Q1 – Sandra Costa Interior Designer embraces the occasion to create ergonomic, eco-friendly modular home industry protocols.

“A passion to create interior design and artisanal furniture is in my DNA. Embracing evolutionary modular construction is a natural evolution for someone with my multi-faceted sensibilities”.”

— Sandra Costa, Design Group

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA , USA, March 5, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Three pre-manufactured modular conferences are set to unspool this month in Denver, Las Vegas and Orlando. Sandra Costa has seized the occasion to reignite an ergonomic, eco-friendly division to her highly acclaimed Sandra Costa Interior Design Group. She admits she is not new to modular construction and design community. “A decade ago the firm was creating floor plans and organic furniture design that advanced ‘human factor engineering’.

“ As a teenager Auckland, New Zealand I saw developers building modular steel homes. They were basically boxes, however, today they don’t have to be. HFE, a term that refers to the application of comfort, wellbeing and sustainability. The interface are cardinal principles in the design of our interiors, habitats and systems”. In the mid-Ott’s assembly line, robotic driven manufacturers in China, India, Korea and Turkey solved their housing crisis by producing upwards to 10,000 steel-framed homes a month. “In the Western Hemisphere assembly line building is taking their cue.” confirms Costa.

According to Kirk and Amy Jaffe of Modular Finance (Modufi.net), “With the ‘new post Covid normal’ there is a quantifiable, growing demand for factory-built, speed to market modular housing”. Multi generations across the socio-economic spectrum spent their Covid confinement to re-evaluate the ‘bigger is better’ Yuppie ethos of the 80’s. We at Modufi are proactive in creating the financial tools for hard working families to improve their credit worthiness the positions them at the head of the line to simplify home ownership”. By aligning our expertise in secure financing, sourcing and engaging the best A,B,C,D’s (Architects, Builders, Contractors and Developers) everyone benefits from utilizing Co-modeco’s building protocols and Sandra Costa’s expertise in providing end-to-end, cutting-edge prefab applications and aesthetics.

“Lifestyle choices that were defined by an insatiable drive to consume are passe”, confirms Victoria Diaz-Miranda, Founder of BK-B and the newly-minted, Big River RE, LLC. In partnership with Compact Modular Eco Homes (Co-Modeco.com) the duo are a leading modular home distributorship with all building materials sourced in the USA. Sandra Costa’s Design Firm is at the top of our referral list.”

Giovanni and Esty Benjamin, Co-modeco associates, chime in, “Families, single professionals and Millennials have joined an aging, fixed-income population that is reeling from the dearth of affordable rentals. The aspirational dream of home ownership is just that, ‘A Dream’. In association with S.C. Designs we are exploring how to improve our clients quality of life while reducing the anxiety-ridden complexity”. Co-Modeco’s V.P. of Finance, Brandon Escano, states “Sandra Costa has earned her reputation with superlative, ergonomic and sustainable building practices. She seamlessly integrates natural materials, fixtures and furnishings while exhibiting a mastery of Feng Sui design principles”.

Spanning three decades Costa’s star is in ascendance. Perched among the rarified circles of the uber affluent her roster includes Mendenhall Mansion, majestically positioned on 17 acres surrounded by the Santa Monica Mountains. A private helicopter landing port, bountiful organic gardens, a koi pond, healthy outdoor activity stations & pristine pools were in the plan. Tarek and Laurie Nour, Egypt’s communication visionary’s purchased a 13th-century stone Castle in Avignon, France where all furnishings, carpets and lighting, were custom-made by Costa.

“Whether mansions to modulars, our full service company provides a safe haven,” says her son Angelo Costa, CEO of the families security and guard service. Utilizing state-of-the- art drone technology and a team of personally trained professionals we, “Protect constructions sites, residential and commercial properties while averting the ravages of extreme weather & natural disasters is all in a days work”. Her son, celebrity Chef Adriano, brings culinary artistry and the savoir faire of blue-chip hospitality to Costa’s must-attend affaires.

The proliferation of local to global companies embracing modular and pre-manufactured building practices is a testament that a more expedient way of building is becoming the norm rather than an anomaly. On the leading edge of visionary construction, methodology and technology, “I continue building castles in the sky backed by a loyal crew of architects, advisors, craftsperson’s, and construction professionals. The time is now to build better in the 21st century. In addition to the ‘1% percenters’ shouldn’t the remaining 99% population have an inalienable right to a safe, affordable habitat that is also a design marvel?” queries Costa with her effervescent smile.

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