XIAMEN, FUJIAN, CHINA, June 19, 2024 / — In an era where data-driven decision-making is pivotal, understanding and optimizing the use of spaces has become a critical need for businesses, institutions, and public spaces. Milesight’s VS Series Occupancy & People Counting sensors stand at the forefront of this revolution, offering sophisticated, reliable, and precise solutions to monitor and manage people flow and space utilization.

What Are Milesight’s VS Series Sensors?
Milesight’s VS Series encompasses a range of advanced sensors specifically designed to accurately count people and monitor occupancy levels in real-time. These sensors leverage cutting-edge AI algorithms and state-of-the-art technology to provide high accuracy and reliable data, catering to diverse environments such as offices, retail spaces, transportation hubs, and educational institutions.

Key Features and Benefits
– Heat Map: Visualize movement trends with heat maps.
– Group Counting: Realizes group counting to gain deeper insights into customers’ behaviors and shopping preferences.
– Shopping Cart Detection: Detect customers’ shopping cart fill level to enable an in-depth understanding of customer purchasing behavior.
– Dwell Time Detection:Capture foot traffic and duration within customized regions to get valuable dwell time information.
– Multi-Device Stitching: Smoothly fuse multiple sensors to extend the covering area.
– Staff Detection: Identify Staff by reflective strip or staff lanyard.
– Adults/Children Differentiation: Differentiate adults and children by height setting.

Applications Across Industries
– Corporate Offices
Optimize workspace utilization by monitoring the occupancy of meeting rooms, workstations, and communal areas. This data helps in rearranging layouts, scheduling meetings, and improving overall office efficiency.

– Retail and Shopping Malls
Understand customer behavior and flow to enhance the shopping experience. Accurate footfall data helps in optimizing staff deployment, managing queues, and tailoring marketing strategies to increase sales.

– Transportation Hubs
Ensure smooth passenger flow in airports, train stations, and bus terminals. Real-time occupancy data aids in managing crowds, enhancing safety, and improving passenger experiences.

Success Stories
1000+ People Counting Sensors Improve Business in 700+ Retail Stores in Europe
The Milesight AI ToF People Counting Sensor VS133 has been successfully deployed in over 700 retail stores across Europe, with more than 1,000 devices installed. This project caters to a wide range of industries, including clothing, retail, jewelry, cosmetics, and more. Leading retail brands such as JOTT, Herno, Hawkers, and many others have benefited from this solution, achieving efficient operations and enhancing their overall performance.

Product Highlights
VS135 Ultra ToF People Counter
VS351 Mini Al Thermopile People Counter
VS360 IR Breakbeam People Counter
VS133 Al ToF People Counting Sensor
VS350 Passage People Counter
VS121 Al Workplace Occupancy Sensor

Milesight’s VS Series Occupancy & People Counting sensors are revolutionizing how spaces are managed. By providing precise, real-time data, these sensors enable better decision-making, enhanced safety, and improved efficiency. Whether you are looking to optimize a small office or manage a large public space, Milesight’s VS Series offers the tools you need to succeed.

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