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Empower Your Choices, Define Your Success: Discover “Real Estate Attraction”

BEVERLY HILLS, CA, USA, March 12, 2024 / — Beverly Hills Publishing™ author, Fred Wilson, a titan in the real estate industry, unveils “Real Estate Attraction, How To Do Business NOW In Real Estate Sales.” With over three decades leading the industry and an unmatched average of closing one transaction per week for 30 years running, Fred is uniquely positioned to teach agents how to overcome the industry’s dismal statistics and boost their incomes amidst market fluctuations.

“The reality is the real estate industry is set up in a way that causes most agents to fail,” asserts Wilson. “Nearly 90% of new agents are out of the business within 5 years after going upside down financially. My ‘now model’ approach fixes this by teaching them how to make money today instead of struggling to survive while working towards potential future success.”

Wilson emphasizes that both current and traditional industry models leave agents stuck in a scarcity mindset – constantly chasing limited opportunities. “Believing that there isn’t enough opportunity for them today, most agents operate from a ‘future model’ mindset of working towards someday success, while my technique flips that script. It takes away the idea that lack of opportunity is out of their control.”

Wilson shares how something as straightforward as making a choice between “do it or don’t do it” can launch anyone down the path to victory and vanquish indecision, a primary adversary on their journey toward success.

“At the end of the day, it’s not about knowing what’s going to happen or having all the answers,” says Wilson. “It’s about taking responsibility for the reality that opportunity is here today and having the skill to reveal it.”

“An agent who doesn’t have any opportunities isn’t actually looking effectively,” Wilson explains. “My program teaches them how to identify opportunities that are already there – opportunities they would otherwise miss. It equips them with the ability to relentlessly reveal and capitalize on abundance.”

At its core, “Real Estate Attraction” empowers agents to take full responsibility for their income rather than blaming external factors. Wilson’s innovative Production Model® combines an abundance mindset with unique discovery techniques to unlock dormant potential.

The trick is going from capacity to ability. And the reality is most real estate agents are actually doing it wrong.

With practical guidance on making money immediately, “Real Estate Attraction” is a must-read for agents seeking to elevate their business in any market. Wilson’s roadmap offers the skills to generate sustained prosperity.

Real Estate Attraction, How To Do Business Now In Real Estate Sales is available at

About Fred Wilson:
Blending real estate savvy with insightful life philosophy, Fred Wilson leverages over 40 years experience, including co-founding both a brokerage and escrow company. As a renowned industry mentor, Fred spotlights meaningful human connections while empowering agents to maximize their capability through his online Production Model® course, inspirational books, and audio programs. Revered for his sage guidance navigating life’s transitions, his unwavering dedication to both personal and professional success continues motivating people to unlock their utmost potential.

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