CHATSWORTH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 27, 2024 / — Private MNY Lender is pleased to announce its support to provide funding for landlords, real estate investors, and seasoned house flippers. With access to 137 private lenders in 41 states, Private MNY Lender offers competitive rates and a commitment to matching or beating competitors’ rates. The move is specifically designed to help create affordable housing for underserved populations – an integral part of the company’s philanthropic business model.

According to the team at Private MNY Lender, recent statistics highlight a concerning rise in homelessness, with the count escalating to 653,104 in 2023 – a 12% increase over the previous year, propelled by factors such as increased crime rates, unemployment, a widespread drug crisis, and soaring rents.*

To help combat social and environmental challenges, Private MNY Lender allocates 10% of proceeds from every finalized deal to initiatives that support the homeless and enhance animal welfare. This commitment underscores the company’s resolve to foster positive community impact and substantial change, extending well beyond its business operations.

“We believe in giving back to the community and supporting causes that are important to us,” says Freddie Avila, founder of Private MNY Lender. “By donating a portion of every closed deal towards homeless programs and animal welfare, we hope to make a meaningful impact and contribute to positive change in our society.”

Furthermore, Private MNY Lender is committed to supporting the efforts of real estate investors, especially those aiming to make a difference. Through its vast network, competitive rates, flexible terms, and quick turnaround, Private MNY Lender aims to assist investors in creating a positive impact in low-income communities across 41 states.

In parallel, the company’s ethos of community support is personified by Avila, whose own philanthropic efforts resonate with the foundation of Private MNY Lender. Avila dedicates time to The Get Together Foundation, a charitable organization which allocates all of its profits to community services. His personal donations to animal shelters, made in remembrance of his beloved dog, Zoey, mirror a profound commitment to animal welfare. Such personal involvement is a testament to the culture of giving at Private MNY Lender, reinforcing the company’s dedication to making a meaningful impact in the community.

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About Private MNY Lender

Private MNY Lender is a leading facilitator of private capital for real estate investment, specializing in private money loans. The company is dedicated to customizing financing solutions for house flippers, landlords, and investors, emphasizing a community-centric approach. The company prides itself on providing optimal rates and comprehensive financial solutions that cater to the unique requirements of each investor. With a commitment to surpassing competitor rates and ensuring client financial success, Private MNY Lender is an advocate for efficient and effective private funding.


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