The Company takes Dual Approach to Renovations and Custom Home Builds Amid Calgary’s Population Surge.

CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA, February 29, 2024 / — Amidst a historic rise in Canada’s population, with a record-breaking influx of migrants, Pinnacle Group Renovations is taking a leading role in Calgary’s home renovation and custom home building sectors.

The company is adeptly responding to the acute housing market pressures, brought on by the fastest national population growth since 1957 and Alberta’s unparalleled migrant reception.

With its award-winning renovation services and a heightened emphasis on custom-built residences, Pinnacle has been recognized for raising the bar in addressing Calgary’s evolving housing needs. The company’s commitment to excellence is underscored by its A+ BBB accreditation, over 4.6 stars on third-party reviews, and an exceptional NPS score of 0.83, placing it at the forefront of customer satisfaction. At Pinnacle, nothing short of excellence is promised, ensuring peace of mind for every client.

In light of the recent demographic shifts, Calgary has witnessed a pronounced scarcity in housing options, leading to a unique market dynamic where homeowners opt for renovations over listings, and the city sees a rise in the construction of small multi-family units.

Pinnacle Group Renovations, initially rooted in custom home building, is reinvigorating its foundational services to include the development of infills and compact multi-family homes, directly addressing the city’s population boom.

“As a company, we’ve recently witnessed the highest migration to Canada since 1957, specifically in a single quarter. The influx to Alberta is record-breaking. We’re actively responding to this trend on both the renovation front, recognizing that many can’t sell due to the challenge of finding new homes, and on the new home build side. Given the importance of density considerations, we’re committed to constructing infills or small multi-family units to address the housing needs of this growing population. Our approach is solution-based.”- stated Paul Klassen, CEO of Pinnacle Group Renovations.

Founded by Paul Klassen, Pinnacle Group Renovations has been a cornerstone of the Calgary home renovation industry, celebrated for its commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. As Calgary navigates the complexities of its expanding population, Pinnacle Group Renovations stands ready to lead the charge in developing sustainable, high-quality housing solutions.

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