Oleg Bortman has published Always Ahead, a story with 12 inspiring stories of entrepreneurship.

Oleg Bortman, co-founder of The Brokery and author of Always Ahead

Oleg Bortman has published Always Ahead, a story with 12 inspiring stories of entrepreneurship.

Always Ahead features inspiring stories from 12 business leaders

‘Always Ahead’ highlights the importance of entrepreneurs investing in themselves, and the mentors who invested in them along their journey. I hope readers see they are worthy of the same investments.”

— Oleg Bortman, co-founder of The Brokery and author of Always Ahead

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, February 27, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — PHOENIX (February 26, 2024) Oleg Bortman’s glass is always full. Born in Ukraine in 1975, Oleg came with his family to the United States as a Jewish immigrant at the age of three. Over time, he found his passion in real estate. Along the way, he was influenced by stories of influential leaders. In a desire to bring his blessings forward led Oleg, now co-founder of The Brokery, a successful residential real estate brokerage, has written and published a new business anthology, “Always Ahead: 12 Striking Stories of Determination, Commitment, and Inspiration in Pursuit of Success and Freedom,” now available on Amazon.com. The book includes personal stories from Oleg and 12 other entrepreneurs. From this variety of narratives, Oleg hopes to illustrate there is more than one way to become successful and inspire others to pursue their calling.

“Always Ahead” chapter authors include Upward Projects CEO and Co-Founder, Lauren Bailey; Driven Coaching Founder, Jon Bohm; pharma company president, Craig Boyd; Boyer Vertical Founder, Jason Boyer; Bison Ventures Founder & CEO, Stuart M. Crawford; J.P. Kush Construction LLC Owner and President, Jason Kush; Performance Coach CEO, Olympic athlete and Marine Corps Vet, LaDarren Landrum; CEO of import and export company, Rick LaRue; 3EO Health CEO, Jeremy Schubert; luxury real estate expert Caleb Spears; Universal Insurance Programs Chairman of the Board, Randy Tipton; and Elaina V. Public Relations Founder, Elaina Verhoff.

“I believe each day brings opportunities to positively impact your life and the lives of others,” says Bortman. “I have been blessed by those who have taken their time to mentor me over the years by sharing their journeys. I hope to do the same by publishing these impactful and inspiring stories of success.”

In this book, readers will discover:
14 of the most soul-searching questions you need to ask yourself to discover what you want from life
Why you might not hit your stride until your 40s, and why this is actually a great thing to help you generate wealth
The importance of developing a growth mindset, including 10 ways to embrace its key principles
Why using the phrase “I’m fine” could damage your prospects, and how you can let others in to share your burdens
Tales of entrepreneurs from a range of backgrounds, from construction to real estate
Philosophies you can take forward into your own life to help you achieve your dreams
Why your background doesn’t determine your success, and how you can overcome the past to keep your eyes focused on the future
The 5 key lessons you need to learn in order to develop your character and build resilience
And much more.

“Each story in ‘Always Ahead’ highlights the importance of entrepreneurs investing in themselves, and the mentors who invested in them along their journey,” says Bortman. “My hope is that readers will see they are worthy of the same investments — and that they are inspired to carry their blessings forward too.”

About Oleg Bortman
Oleg Bortman, author of the “Always Ahead” business anthology, is Associate Broker and Co-founder of The Brokery, a residential real estate firm with four offices in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona. Born in Ukraine, Oleg moved to the United States in 1979 as his family sought the American Dream. Oleg studied biology at York College and upon graduation began working in pharmaceutical sales and was a Regional Sales Director for a fortune 100 Pharmaceutical Company for several years. However, deep down, Oleg knew his true passion was and is real estate. He bought his first investment property in 1999 and quickly became captivated with the entire real estate market. He expanded his portfolio from New Jersey to Nevada and then on to Arizona, quickly seeing his return on investments. When Oleg moved out West, he realized he didn’t just want to be an investor, he wanted to give other people the same opportunity he has had. He loves working not only with buyers, but sellers and investors as well. Oleg has been in real estate for over ten years as it continues to be his dream career.

About Always Ahead
“Always Ahead” is a collection of heartfelt, honest, and relatable tales that will help readers discover a future of happiness, success, and wealth. Readers will discover twelve real-life stories from inspirational people who made their way in the world to achieve that sense of peace through success. Use their advice to mentor and guide you. Understand just what it takes to really be the best and unwrap tips to help you outshine the competition and achieve the American Dream. “Always Ahead” is available at Amazon.com. This is the first in a series of anthologies that will be published by Bortman under the “Always Ahead Series” name.


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