Oppein walnut and white full house furniture

Oppein modern minimalist grey and white full house furniture

Oppein modern wooden full house furniture with zen aesthetics

OPPEIN Home Group Inc. (SSEC:603833.SS)

PERTH, WESTERN AUSTRALIA, AUSTRALIA, July 1, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Celebrating its 30th anniversary, Oppein Home, the world’s largest cabinetry manufacturer, unveils the latest home decor trends for 2024. Over the past three decades, Oppein has gained increasing recognition from homeowners through its unwavering commitment to product quality and user-centered design. The new products for 2024 highlight Oppein’s latest innovations in design and technology, with the showroom offering immersive full-home decor scenes.

A Palace of Home Art
Entering Oppein’s headquarters showroom feels akin to stepping into a palace dedicated to home art. This expansive showroom, spanning four floors, features comprehensive kitchen solutions, wardrobes, bathrooms, and soft furnishings. Each product reflects Oppein’s profound understanding of home aesthetics and functionality.

An Exploration Platform
The showroom serves not merely as a display of Oppein’s products but as a platform for customers to explore and gather ideas for their dream homes. With a wide variety of products catering to styles ranging from modern minimalism to classic elegance, the showroom meets the needs of diverse consumers, ensuring that every visitor finds something that resonates with their taste.

Four Brilliant Home Solutions from Oppein

Polynesia Series
Embracing the essence of minimalist aesthetics, the Polynesia series embodies gracious living. It features walnut veneer in both dark and light shades, paired with a smooth lacquer finish to evoke a calming ambiance. The entire collection is enveloped in a luxurious texture that showcases Italian-style elegance. Oppein’s Milan-based design office, staffed with renowned Italian designers, releases exquisite and contemporary designs annually. Through its Italian Designer Alliance, Oppein is committed to delivering practical yet stylish home solutions, bringing the pinnacle of modern living to homes worldwide.

City Morning Glow Series
Inspired by the dawn’s first light over the cityscape, the City Morning Glow series captures the essence of a fresh, edgy urban lifestyle. Featuring durable and eco-friendly smooth PET cabinet finishes, it meets the demands of contemporary urban living. With grey as its foundational tone, this design imparts a subtle yet enduring beauty to any home.

Sicily Series
Dominated by expansive areas of pristine white, symbolizing pure romance, and accented with refreshing light grass green, the Sicily series evokes a French-style garden with subtly elegant charm. The living room showcase features cabinets with French curved shapes, enhanced by concealed lighting strips that create a soft, ethereal beauty, elevating the atmosphere of the entire space. The pearl-shaped handles, reminiscent of a young woman’s pearl earrings, add an elegant and unique touch. Exquisite carvings embellish the cabinet’s perimeter, blending with lattice and curved elements to soften and add depth to living spaces, making them not only more visually appealing but also richly layered.

Pureyum Series
Merging Zen aesthetics with modern living, the series infuses tranquility and grace into every home space. The unique nested handle designs ensure that each piece is both functional and beautiful. The Pureyum Series conveys sophistication and taste through its raw wood textures and meticulous craftsmanship, integrating the beauty of the Orient into contemporary life.

More about Oppein
Oppein Home Group Inc., the largest cabinetry manufacturer in the world, has specialized in custom cabinets and furnishings for 30 years. It is the most famous and valuable brand in whole-house customization, determined to offer a full set of solutions for every home space. With 8,786 showrooms globally, the corporation strives to find more ambitious cooperators to deliver high-end home customization solutions worldwide.

Joining the Oppein franchise network expands the product portfolio with a wide range of offerings, including custom kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, bathroom vanities, doors, windows, and quartz slabs. Comprehensive training sessions with smart and efficient tools will efficiently build up design and sales teams. Oppein boasts five main production sites across China, covering a total area of 2.5 million square meters. Utilizing German-imported manufacturing systems, these factories can produce 4,620 kitchens, 17,550 wardrobes, 3,200 bathroom vanities, 7,200 doors, and 5,020 wall panels annually.

The Oppein franchise is a proven business model, as revealed in its 2023 annual report, which showed over USD 2.5 billion in revenue generated by franchisees. Partnering with a top-notch global brand is a crucial step towards business success, and joining Oppein Home could be the perfect way to start a prosperous venture.

For more details and consultations on the Oppein franchise, please visit the Oppein cabinet franchise page.

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