The Linear/1 UPS manufactured by Accratech, Inc. certified UL 60601-1, the Last word in perfect power providing safe conditioned, continuous electrical power for your professional medical team using sensitive critical medical equipment on patients that ar

3 and 5 KW models

3 and 5 KW models

Making clean consistent safe electric power more accessible to those in need of safe reliable electric power required for medical applications and more.

Accratech Linear/1 Safe, reliable electric power”

— Tom Chudy

NECEDAH, WI, UNITED STATES, February 20, 2024 / — accratech has made the decision to provide financing in the form of leasing or direct purchase loan when acquiring a Linear/1 UPS (Uninterruptible Power System and power conditioner). The financial options are made available in order to provide ease of obtaining the advantages of the Linear/1 UPS. The advantages of the Linear/1 UPS out weight the simple backup capabilities of most UPS systems that are found on the market today which accratech intends to provide easy access too by providing the desired financing in the form of equipment leasing or direct financing thereby making available those Linear/1 advantages beginning with isolation defined as a main safety feature preventing electric shocks and possibility electrocution of medical workers and patients or anyone working near the UPS.

The idea of a UPS being looked upon as an insurance policy not necessarily required for day to day operations except in those rare occasions when the electric power provided from the power grid is lost causing down time accompanied with no consideration for potential damage caused by the surge created by the lightening strike that initially takes the power grid down or the potential damage caused by that lightening strike costing in the range of $15,000 to $100,000 dollars or maybe more if the piece of equipment is totally destroyed and needing replacement. Therefore, accratech has made the managemental decision to provide access to financing thus minimizing the apprehension if in fact there may be fear and apprehension.

For answers to any questions you may have or to place a purchase order please see the contact information herein to contact accratech we look forward to helping you save money and time.

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Accratech Inc.
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