Depree Seavers, founder of Black Power Redevelopers, has received one of Omaha 100’s first small business loans.

Omaha 100 has only just begun to help more local business owners make a lasting difference in the community and achieve their dreams.”

— Malinda Williams

OMAHA , NEBRASKA, UNITED STATES, February 20, 2024 / — Omaha 100 is proud to announce its first business loans have been made to local entrepreneurs. Depree Seavers and Black Power Redevelopers serve greater Omaha with electrical services for residential and commercial spaces. Lease Genie, founded by David Craig, is based in southwest Omaha and specializes in equipment rentals for small and medium businesses. Both partnered with Omaha 100 to overcome challenges facing their businesses and help execute their plans for growth.

The addition of business lending furthers Omaha 100’s mission to help the community grow by supporting aspiring homeowners and, now, those seeking to establish or grow their business. As a Community Development Financial Institution, Omaha 100 is focused on serving the underserved and funding opportunities that drive economic development.

“As Omaha 100 rolls out small business loans alongside our housing initiatives, it opens new avenues for entrepreneurs to dream big and achieve even bigger,” said Malinda Williams, CEO of Omaha 100. “According to The Kauffman Foundation’s Capital Access Report, Black entrepreneurs are three times less likely to have their loan requests approved than white entrepreneurs. At Omaha 100, we are proud to work with diverse clientele and expand financial equity and inclusion for people in our community seeking their piece of the ‘American Dream.’”

Sixty-one percent of Omaha 100’s clients identify as Black/African American, 10% as Hispanic, 25% as Asian and 4% as White or other. In addition, female-led households represent 63% of their total clients and 96% qualify as low income.

Supporting Local Talent and New Ideas
Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, Seavers graduated from Benson High School. After graduation, he set out to become a paramedic and a firefighter. “My advisor at Metro Community College suggested I look into electrical to learn a trade and be able to make some money while I worked toward my other goals. I loved it and pretty soon I was doing electrical work more and more,” he said.

As his career evolved, his small business continued to grow. Eventually, he decided it was time to give the business his full focus. Seavers founded Black Power Redevelopers in 2018. In 2023, he earned his Master Electrician certification and hasn’t looked back. He actively seeks to mentor those looking to overcome challenges and build a career.

“Our partnership with Omaha 100 has been a game-changer,” said Seavers. “It has provided the financial backbone I needed to expand operations with another truck, more equipment and the capacity to hire another crewmember. I’m proud to serve my community with quality work and to partner with
Omaha 100 to keep growing.”

Diverse Needs, Individual Dreams
Omaha 100 tailors its help to fit each business owner. For Seavers, this meant getting the resources to hire more people and buy more equipment so his company could take on bigger projects. For David Craig of Lease Genie, it’s about getting the funds to hire more staff to help grow his business. Thanks to Omaha 100, Craig’s business is on track to double its money in two years and continue to grow its team.

“By renting specialized equipment and helping our clients get financing, we help them operate their businesses more efficiently,” said Craig. “Omaha 100 is helping us grow faster so we can help more businesses.”

Lease Genie’s success is not just a story of business growth, but also one of significant community contribution. Established in 2006, Lease Genie has carved out a niche in the equipment leasing sector by focusing on clients underserved by traditional banks. By helping businesses finance their operations and improve their creditworthiness, Lease Genie, with Omaha 100’s backing, is making a tangible difference in the local economy. Craig’s emphasis on education for his clients, as well as building personal and business credit scores, underlines the company’s commitment to not just financial, but also educational support to its clients.

“Both of these businesses show how Omaha 100’s help is good for the whole community,” said Williams. “They teach, guide, and provide services that make Omaha a better place. Depree mentors young people and David teaches his clients about managing money and their business. This shows how Omaha 100 goes beyond just giving money, but is investing in the future of our community. These businesses and their owners exemplify the kind of positive change we aim to support through our programs.”

Looking to the Future
Omaha 100 plans to keep offering loans for small businesses along with the financial literacy education and funding it provides to help first time homeowners. This means more good news for entrepreneurs in Omaha.
“The success of Black Power Redevelopers and Lease Genie is just the start. Omaha 100 has only just begun to help more local business owners make a lasting difference in the community and achieve their dreams,” said Williams.

To learn more about Omaha 100 and their services, visit: To reach Black Power Redevelopers about your electrical needs, call (402)415-6011 or visit To reach Lease Genie about equipment financing, call (402)715-5100 or visit

About Omaha 100
Omaha 100 is a nonprofit community development financial institution (CDFI) based in Omaha, Neb., expanding financial equity and inclusion for people in the community seeking to achieve the “American Dream.” Omaha 100 helps make owning a home or starting a business accessible to all through financial advocacy and education, with four main lines of financial-based support—mortgage lending, debt consolidation loans, business lending and real estate development. Founded more than 30 years ago with a primary goal of building equity in homeownership, Omaha 100 has helped thousands upon thousands of low- and moderate-income families secure homeownership opportunities, many of whom have been first-time, first-generation homebuyers.

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