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ARLINGTON, VA, USA, March 22, 2024 / — Fear of failing roofs and frustration over worthless warranties has prompted homeowners throughout the U.S. to find a new way to save their roofs, while saving money. Shingle-Savers of Northern Virginia (, a local shingle roofing restoration expert, is helping property owners delay costly roof replacements by up to 15 years. Roof Technicians use eco-friendly plant-based sustainable technology to restore a roof’s flexibility, waterproofing and UV protection. This alternative to traditional roof replacement is saving homeowners a reported 75%-85%.

Property owners across Northern Virginia and the DMV are now discovering this alternative to traditional roof replacement, making Shingle Savers the go-to call for homeowners, landlords and investors seeking an alternative to roof replacement. “It really is like the fountain of youth for your roof,” says Co-founder of Shingle Savers, David Guglielmi.

The Solution: Soybean Science
“In it’s simplest terms, the Shingle Savers treatment is a shingle rejuvenator,” says Elena Guglielmi, Co-founder of Shingle Savers and wife of David. “It extends the life of asphalt roofs by five years per treatment. By repeating the process every five years a property owner can extend a roof’s life by as much as 15 years for around 15-25% of the cost of a complete roof replacement.”

The organic liquid compound is sprayed on to aging asphalt shingled roofs. The plant-based oil quickly penetrates into roof shingles, replacing the petroleum oil that is lost over time, and preventing them from cracking and ultimately bending and leaking. Shingle Savers is saving property owners thousands of dollars, with each roof they rejuvenate. As consumers, we’re used to investing in the maintenance of our cars, our yards, HVAC equipment, etc… but roofs are often neglected until it’s too late. In fact, neglected roofs are the #1 cause of leaks and water damage, often resulting in homeowner’s insurance claims.

Home Building Insiders Become Innovators
After many years in the home building industry, the Guglielmi’s began noticing a rapid increase in premature asphalt shingle roof failures they believe was spurred on by an abrupt rise in the cost of materials in the early 2000s. Informing this conclusion is the fact that every roofing manufacturer over the last 15 years has been in a class action lawsuit because shingles weigh less now than they used to, because manufactures have removed up to 50% of the asphalt, and roofs are prematurely drying out, failing, and a 30-year roof was only serving  half its life span. They decided to offer an innovative, green, sustainable and money-saving solution to costly traditional replacement.

The Guglielmi’s research began with meetings with the Nebraska Soybean Council and the Virginia Soybean Board. Until very recently, there has never been a way to extend the life of an asphalt roof and consumers have paid a high price. As we have seen countless times, the marketplace finds a solution. There is a safe, quick and effective way to address a serious problem that millions of property owners are facing by introducing an easy and sustainable way to restore their roofs, rather than replace them, while saving money as well. While every roof will eventually need replacement, proactively maintaining roof shingles through rejuvenation can significantly extend their useful life, saving homeowners money and reducing environmental impact. Shingle rejuvenation is the answer to this age-old predicament. Homeowners are increasingly discovering that they have a more affordable option to extend the life span of their existing shingles.”

“I was amazed that this natural product restored 30-year old shingles,” says Jonathan Casilli, director of construction for a residential property management firm, who turned to this alternative solution when his company faced more than $1.1M in roofing replacement costs.

About Shingle Savers
Shingle Savers, LLC, is the provider of a shingle rejuvenation treatment that is scientifically formulated, and 100% safe, plant-based roof rejuvenating spray treatment that allows you to avoid the hassles and high cost of a replacement with a less expensive asphalt shingle roof rejuvenation. As a company, Shingle Savers is leading a new breed of innovative roofers who are available in the DMV. When used every five years, the Shingle Savers treatment can extend the life of a roof by as many as 15 additional years, which makes it highly cost-effective as well. For more information, visit Or see us at Shingle-Savers, 5641 Burke Centre Parkway, Burke, VA 22015, (571) 360-SAVE (7283).

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