Cristina Greenfield of Conscious Healthy Home

Creating a sleep sanctuary for mental health

HOUSTON, TX, USA, May 23, 2024 / — In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month this May, building biology expert Cristina Greenfield of Conscious Healthy Home emphasizes the crucial role of quality sleep in mental health. Recent studies indicate that improving sleep can significantly benefit mental well-being, making Greenfield’s innovative approach to creating sleep sanctuaries especially pertinent this month.

The link between sleep and mental health is well-documented, with the CDC reporting that one in three adults does not get enough sleep, correlating strongly with issues such as stress, depression, and anxiety. Greenfield advocates for transforming bedrooms into environments that support restorative sleep, thereby enhancing mental resilience and overall health.

Greenfield’s Expert Tips for a Sleep-Friendly Bedroom:

– Opt for Natural Fibers: Using linen and other natural fibers in bedding helps reduce allergens and static, creating a more comfortable and soothing sleep environment.
– Reduce Electromagnetic Exposure: Keeping electronic devices away from the bed minimizes electromagnetic fields that can disrupt sleep and exacerbate mental health issues.
– Adopt Calming Lighting: Implementing the use of red lights in the evening can support the natural production of melatonin, essential for maintaining a healthy sleep-wake cycle and improving mental health.

“Improving sleep quality doesn’t just leave you feeling better in the morning—it’s a crucial part of managing mental health,” explains Greenfield. Enhanced sleep can lead to improved mood, higher productivity, and better emotional regulation, contributing significantly to mental health during and beyond Mental Health Awareness Month.

At the forefront of building biology, Conscious Healthy Home empowers individuals to create healthier living spaces that promote both physical and mental well-being. Under Cristina Greenfield’s leadership, the company offers practical solutions for anyone looking to improve their environmental and health outcomes.

Cristina is available for interviews to discuss the intersection of building biology and mental health, offering insights into how optimized sleep environments can be a key factor in mental wellness. Comprehensive media kits, including before-and-after imagery and detailed explanations of the science behind her recommendations, are ready for distribution.

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