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Mercari Technologies Lone Worker Safety Device with integrated Man down alarm can expedite lone worker safety response process.

We provide companies an opportunity to Improve the safety of their remote working and at-risk employees, regardless of their location.”

— Sebastian Guang

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, March 6, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Lone workers can become vulnerable to life-threatening incidents that require immediate action to be taken by emergency contacts. Mercari Technologies Lone Worker Safety Device with integrated Man down alarm can expedite lone worker safety response process.

If a device detects no movement for an extended period, it will go into pre-alert state and begin vibrating and announcing it has entered a Man down mode before sending an emergency SMS alert to self nominated contacts or start calling contacts to notify emergency services.

Man Down Detection

Working alone puts workers at greater risk of serious accidents that could leave them incapacitated and unable to seek assistance, including slips, trips and falls as well as being crushed by machinery, coming in contact with hazardous chemicals, experiencing epileptic seizures and having heart attacks.

Mercari Technologies Man Down alarm will detect non movement through a smart sensor when a worker becomes immobile or unconscious and send an SMS alert to the emergency contacts advising them that the wearer has not moved within an expected period of time.

Man Down is an essential feature for anyone working at height, in high-risk industries or businesses where workers are alone. The Mercari Technologies ‘Lone Worker Safety Device’ solution includes Man Down as standard and can be custom configured by a supervisor to sense a users no-motion duration from minutes to hours.

Integrated fall detection
Mercari Technologies Man Down Alarm also comes equipped as standard with automatic fall detection sensors, which activate when the lone worker device detects sudden altitude changes and an impact simultaneously. A speaker in the device will give the wearer a voice instruction stating it has detected a fall for approximately 10 seconds. This allows the wearer time to cancel the auto alarm preventing any false alerts. If the alert is not canceled, the device enters its emergency mode where it will send an emergency SMS message to all the users nominated contacts. It can also be programmed start calling the same nominated contacts or emergency services 911 to provide voice to voice communication with the devices inbuilt speakers and mic.

Panic button
Mercari Technologies Man down alarms offer a unique approach to worker safety for at-risk lone workers. Acting like duress alarms or emergency call buttons,these wearable panic alarms are perfect for lone workers, or for anyone who works directly with the public or high risk environments.

Activating the Panic Button or as its sometimes known – Duress Alarm, will provide two-way cellular communication with the wearers nominated emergency contacts. In addition, contacts are also sent an Emergency SMS message including activation location information in the form of a google maps hyperlink. Utilizing the latest GPS and GPRS technologies, the device allows the emergency contacts to accurately find the user’s location in an emergency.

Sebastian Guang, Mercari Technologies spokesman says “We provide companies an opportunity to Improve the safety of their remote working and at-risk employees, regardless of their location. Our personal duress alarm is equipped with real-time GPS tracking and SOS button to empower lone workers, providing them with the confidence to work securely and safely anywhere.

Certified to work on the AT&T network within the USA and alternate versions that will work across the world, it is a cost effective safety solution that is ‘stand alone’, requiring no additional apps or cell phones to communicate.

Enhance the security of remote workforce and employees in vulnerable situations, no matter where they are, by utilizing Mercari Technogies Lone Worker safety Alarm Device. Its is a personal safety device that features GPS tracking or locating and an emergency SOS button, empowering lone workers to operate with confidence in any environment.

About Mercari Technologies Limited
Mercari Technologies Limited is a rapidly growing Emergency Communications company renowned for its commitment to developing advanced and reliable solutions. With a focus on promoting safety, efficiency, and peace of mind, Mercari Technologies Limited (NZ) continues to innovate and lead the way in providing cutting-edge Personal Safety solutions Worldwide.

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