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Industry’s first cloud-native based mortgage LOS and servicing system connects with leading rules-based loan decisioning engine

Credit Unions, Banks and IMB’s can also self-manage loan programs on-the-fly, providing immense flexibility and control, while expediting the decision-making process”

— Derek Long, COO

MIAMI, FL, USA, February 14, 2024 / — LoanPASS is excited to announce its strategic integration with MortgageFlex. This collaboration is a pivotal step forward to meet the evolving needs of mortgage lenders, fueled by a surge in demand for modern API tech stack integrations.

MortgageFlex is committed to delivering sophisticated origination and servicing solutions, prioritizing client experience and top-tier customer service. We collaborate with IMBs, Banks, Credit Unions, and state agencies, tailoring our functionality to meet the distinct requirements of residential, consumer, and Manufactured Housing lenders. The MortgageFlexONE platform and strategy meet these objectives.

The integration of MortgageFlex and LoanPASS introduces a robust solution for mortgage lenders, offering a seamless pricing experience with enhanced product eligibility features. This collaboration empowers lenders with a unified and efficient system for pricing and product eligibility, elevating the overall workflow and enhancing the borrower’s experience.

Mortgage lenders will have access to real-time pricing and product eligibility information directly within the LOS platform, providing instant loan decisioning support. “LoanPASS is recognized for its fully configurable, no-code technology platform.” Stated Derek Long, COO for LoanPASS. “Credit Unions, Banks and IMB’s can also self-manage loan programs on-the-fly, providing immense flexibility and control, while expediting the decision-making process.

John McCrea, Vice President of Sales for MortgageFlex stated, “I’m thrilled to welcome LoanPASS as a valued partner, enhancing MortgageFlex’s suite of seamless integrations. The integration ensures data consistency across platforms, mitigating the risk of discrepancies and errors in the lending process. This commitment to data accuracy reinforces the reliability of the MortgageFlex and LoanPASS collaboration.”

MortgageFlex and LoanPASS are committed to supporting the mortgage industry’s evolution by providing cutting-edge solutions that align with the industry’s changing landscape. This integration is set to empower lenders with the tools they need to thrive in today’s competitive market.

To learn more about LoanPASS and MortgageFlex, please reach out directly through our email ( or visit

MortgageFlex will be attending the MBA Servicing Conference & Expo being held in Orlando, FL, on February 20-23rd.

About MortgageFlex:
MortgageFlex Systems develops smart software solutions for the mortgage industry, offering the most cost-effective mortgage loan origination system and servicing software for retail, wholesale, correspondent, chattel, consumer lending, and the manufactured home industry The company offers the industry’s only tightly integrated single database, origination and servicing software, along with 24/7 support, hosting, managed services, and implementation. MortgageFlex Systems looks to cultivate a strong partnership and is dedicated to helping reach your optimal potential with our MortgageFlexONE platform.

About LoanPASS:

LoanPASS is emerging as the industry leader in pricing and loan decisioning technology solutions for lending institutions throughout the US. LoanPASS is a no-code, SaaS application that empowers lenders with unparalleled control over loan product, pricing, and underwriting decision output. The LoanPASS open API network allows seamless integrations with leading CRM, POS, and LOS providers. LoanPASS targets a variety of lending sectors including mortgage investors, independent mortgage banks, private lenders, banks and credit unions. To learn more, visit the company’s website at

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