Sol-Ark inverter and SimpliPhi backup battery bank.

Custom solar solutions by Kilo Hollow Energy bring unmatched energy independence and adaptability to Virginia homes.

People seek backup power for more than savings; it’s about autonomy from grid instability and securing a reliable, tailored energy source for their homes.”

— William Branch, President Kilo Hollow Energy

RICHMOND, VA, UNITED STATES, February 13, 2024 / — In an era marked by energy uncertainty and the quest for independence, Kilo Hollow Energy emerges as a bastion of custom solar solutions tailored to the unique demands of every Virginia home. Under the leadership of William Branch since its inception in 2021, Kilo Hollow Energy has distinguished itself by offering not just energy solutions but a commitment to aesthetic integrity and adaptability for future expansion and specific project requirements.

Kilo Hollow Energy recognizes that every home and homeowner is unique, requiring tailored solar power solutions. “Every solar system we install is designed with the present and future in mind, using only the highest quality components like LiFePO4 battery cells for their longevity and safety,” William Branch, President of Kilo Hollow Energy, asserts. “We empower our clients with choices, ensuring their solar system is not merely functional but also a complement to their home’s aesthetics.”

Unrivaled Triple Redundancy Power Systems:

Kilo Hollow’s Triple Redundancy Power Systems, incorporating solar power, premium battery storage, and reliable Briggs & Stratton generators, symbolize the pinnacle of energy reliability. “Our blend of REC solar panels and Sol-Ark inverters exemplifies our commitment to quality, ensuring that each system is as visually pleasing as it is efficient. After all, a solar system will be a part of your home for over 25 years; making it look its best is not just our job, it’s our passion,” Branch explains. This dedication to both form and function sets Kilo Hollow apart, offering systems that grow with the homeowner’s needs.

Securing Independence Beyond Green Energy:

Kilo Hollow Energy’s mission transcends the traditional green energy narrative, focusing instead on securing homeowners’ independence from an unpredictable grid. “Our systems offer peace of mind and freedom, ensuring that your home remains powered, no matter the external conditions,” says Branch. It’s about offering a practical solution to real-world problems, providing a reliable power source that homeowners can trust. Additionally, our systems are designed for scalability, allowing you to add batteries or a generator later on, making it easier to adapt to your needs without straining your budget.

Expertise and Innovation at the Core:

Kilo Hollow Energy’s unparalleled expertise is underscored by an array of battery certifications and extensive experience in backup power projects, making it a leader in the field. The company’s exclusive status as Virginia’s only Gold Certified Sol-Ark Installer and its partnerships with leading manufacturers like REC and Briggs & Stratton further attest to its commitment to excellence.

Virginia homeowners are invited to explore Kilo Hollow Energy’s innovative solar and backup power solutions. With a focus on customization, reliability, and customer service, Kilo Hollow Energy is dedicated to guiding Virginia towards a future of true energy independence.

About Kilo Hollow Energy:

Founded in 2021, Kilo Hollow Energy is at the forefront of Virginia’s solar power and energy storage solutions, offering advanced, tailor-made systems for both residential and commercial applications. Led by William Branch, the company prides itself on innovation, quality, and a customer-first approach, ensuring that every project not only meets but exceeds expectations.

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