KAGE Innovation’s new SnowDozer Wing plow can expand to as wide as 28 feet for snow removal on large wheel loaders and tractors.

New snow plow with hydraulic wings keeps new operators, efficiency and maintenance in mind for simple operation and massive snow removal.

OSCEOLA, WI, UNITED STATES, July 1, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — KAGE Innovation officially released its first hydraulic wing plow at the 2024 SIMA Snow and Ice Symposium in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania June 27 & 28, taking the snow removal market by storm.

As one Symposium visitor said, “Impressive!” pretty much sums up the response the wing plow received at the product’s launch.

The largest plow offered by KAGE, the SnowDozer Wing can expand to as large as 28 feet wide and get as narrow as 12 feet wide simply by folding the 4 or 5 foot wings out or in, respectively. With infinitely adjustable independent and simultaneously controlled wings, the SnowDozer Wing can move snow and maneuver in any way you can imagine.

Angle Plow/Windrow, Back Drag, Push/Scoop, Scrape, Stack and everything in between!

How easy is it to level?

This wing plow self levels through the use of multiple forms of float. It levels side-to-side through 12 degrees moldboard oscillation. Front-to-back leveling is achieved through floating and oscillating wing skids and is aided on 30,000-50,000 lb. wheel loaders through a floating quick attach. The means that both the heel and toe of the wing skids will be in contact with the substrate with the same pressure and will wear evenly. (It also attaches to 300+ hp tractors through a Cat II 3 pt hitch.)

Small surface variations are even accounted for through the use of a sectional contouring cutting edge called The AdvantEdge, which uses independently floating and oscillating 18” and 24” inch sections to ensure the blade contours to all crowns and depressions in the substrate.

Worried about obstacles?

The SnowDozer Wing has those covered as well. Not only does the floating cutting edge accommodate lower profile obstacles, such as manhole covers, but the cutting edge on the snow blade trips back 90 degrees and while the cutting edge on each wing trips back 55 degrees, easily accommodating curb-height obstacles. The floating skids will even travel right over top of a curb while allowing the cutting edge to scrape right up to it.

What about snow leakage?

While most wing plows struggle to keep a tight fit at the hinges and therefore leak “snail trails” of snow, the SnowDozer Wing offers a certain degree of float there as well to allow for both hinge movement and close the gap when plowing or back dragging – meaning there is No Snow Left Behind!

It even offers an extra snow catch to cover any room left for movement of the floating skids. When it comes to leak points, KAGE has it covered!

Then it must be hard to maintain, right?

Absolutely not.

Easy maintenance was at the heart of this design. It starts with overbuilding by design so it doesn’t break, including protecting parts that are most likely to get damaged – such as hydraulic lines – and moves on to using easy-to-obtain and replace parts.

Nearly everything on the SnowDozer Wing is bolt-on so you don’t need specialized tools to fix it in the field in the rare and unfortunate event something breaks when you need it most. It even uses double acting hydraulic cylinders for the wings because they are easy to obtain and repair.

To top it off. These smart and rugged wing plows are human made in the USA at KAGE’s Osceola, Wisconsin headquarters!

Learn more about the KAGE SnowDozer Wing at kageinnovation.com or by calling 844-314-KAGE (5243).

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