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Nate R. of Grain Valley, MO is the creator of the Simple Crossover, a support system for streamlining the installation of concrete masonry units over an opening like a window or door. The device utilizes vertical supports that elevate an adjustable metal bridge at the top of the opening that accommodates block laying with optimal stability. The system improves installation of CMU over an opening such as a window or door and anchored with HUS bolts. The device will include an adjustable metal bridge with a vertical brace which locks it into place, thereby preventing it from being knocked loose accidentally. The bottom will be anchored as well to provide additional stability.

The bottom is anchored to provide even more stability and a safer job site. The plank slides out to various lengths, much like a telescoping plank to accommodate openings between 2- and 14-feet. A vertical tube brace is then twist locked into place underneath the crossover, locking it in and becoming a singular piece. A screw sleeve is also installed to fine tune the vertical brace before being anchored to the footing below.

The telescoping plank is extended with the welded clips resting on each jamb of the block opening. The adjustable outer tube brace is placed in the base plate receiver and securely pinned in place. The inner tube brace screw sleeve is then inserted into the outer tube brace and pinned to the desired height. Then the top plate is twist locked into the built-in pocket underneath the plank. The base plate is anchored to the footing using HUS bolts. The brace is then fine-tuned using the screw sleeve to give a tight fit while stabilizing the telescoping plank. The system, overall, prevents masonry materials from being wasted by ensuring the block is laid properly. It also creates a stronger and safer means of crossing over a masonry opening during construction.

The market for concrete masonry unit (CMU) installation devices encompasses a range of tools and equipment designed to aid in the installation, handling, and placement of concrete blocks commonly used in construction. As construction projects aim for efficiency and safety, there is a growing demand for tools and equipment that can streamline the CMU installation process. Devices that help reduce labor costs, improve productivity, and enhance worker safety are highly sought after in the market.

Advancements in construction technology have led to the development of innovative CMU installation devices with features such as automation, precision placement, ergonomic designs, and enhanced control. While there are a variety of devices available like block laying machines, grabbers and lifters, laser-guided alignment tools, etc., there is still a lack of support means for installing CMUs in a doorway or archway. The Simple Crossover is innovative and versatile, offering a device that would significantly enhance any industry manufacturer’s product line.

Nate filed his Utility Patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and is working closely with InventionHome, a leading invention licensing firm, to sell or license the patent rights to his Simple Crossover product. Ideal licensing candidates would be U.S. based product manufacturers or distributors looking to further develop and distribute this product innovation.

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