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Benefits for Construction Companies

Users have a choice of 13 different security roles. Each role enables the
user to perform defined processes.”

— Woody Chamberlain

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, February 21, 2024 / — Increased tax incentives for energy conservation are available for construction companies and developers. The tax professional for these companies should be consulted to review these expected tax savings.

The Inflation Reduction Act, under 179D and 45L, when used with the prevailing wage, offers a 5 times tax relief for construction companies doing business with the government. The same incentive is available to developers on private work. Specific information is available in the tax code and must be applied.

For each job, the resulting savings could be significant. Multiple jobs could result in huge tax saving dollars. The government is encouraging these savings when prevailing wage is used with 179D & 45L.

Making sure that every employee receives the prevailing wage on a government construction job may sound easy if the company has 2 or 3 employees. Add in 15 employees, 31 compliance issues, a variety of job classifications for the same employee, and flawless security regarding employee information, well, then a group of payroll people need to handle the job.

eMars/Compliant Client automatically handles prevailing wage compliance issues derived from the Davis Bacon Act of 1931. With 179D and 45L, the tax savings are helpful to the bottom line of any construction company that does business with the government and developers on private work.

Compliant Client is a web-based system that seamlessly finds any prevailing wage compliance issues and alerts the payroll manager about errors that could lead to heavy fines or jail time for negligent offenders. That same system offers a 3-minute payroll. Would a huge savings of time and money compared to a manually prepared payroll be a smart choice for a construction company that does business with the government?

A worry-free certified check payroll system, that doesn’t take up valuable memory in mainframe computer systems, is available for construction companies doing business with the federal government.

Compliant Client by eMars was created in 2001 to give construction company owners an easy, flawless, paperless way to be compliant with the Davis Bacon Act of 1931 which enforces a prevailing wage and 31 other compliance issues. This congressional act requires private contractors to be in compliance with each check paid to employees on all federally funded construction projects over $2,000.

Compliant Client was designed with input from the Department of Labor and government contractors.

Government auditors are given a portal to view the progress of every project. A real-time environment was created to block contractors from altering pay rates and then submitting payroll.

Construction companies need this type of system to stay in compliance with the Davis Bacon Act. Many construction companies, however, prepare their payrolls manually. Humans make errors.

More than 48,000+ users are handling projects in 45 states, Guam, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico use Compliant Client. This system processes between 2,000 and 3,000 payrolls a day. Some payrolls have thousands of workers. Other payrolls have as few as 15 employees.

Compliant Client provides immediate, concurrent, real-time visibility of all payroll records of the sub, prime, plus – the owner agency. All screens are printable via this paperless system. Every submitted payroll is audited, online and in real-time. The results are instantaneous, allowing for immediate corrections.

A typical check for compliance on a prevailing wage payroll is prepared by 1 person in less than 3

Compliant Client requires a PC and about 40 minutes of training. Complete implementation takes less
than 1 day.

Users report an 80% productivity improvement over checking payrolls manually.

Compliant Client also encrypts it’s at-rest data.

Security is tantamount says Woody Chamberlain, President of eMars/Compliant Client.

Mr. Chamberlain continued: “Users have a choice of 13 different security roles. Each role enables the
user to perform defined processes.”

Easily stay compliant with the Davis Bacon Act of 1931.

Now, the addition of the Inflation Reduction Act offers 5 times tax relief for construction companies and

eMars/Compliant Client.

Encrypted. Strong. Easy to use. Web based. Fairly priced.

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