7th Annual Waste & Recycling Facility Fires Annual Report

Reported Waste & Recycling Facility Fires In The US/Canada 2016-2023

Ryan Fogelman, J.D., MBA

How US and Canadian Operators Are Leading The World By Solving Their Lithium-ion Battery Fire Problem

Due to the onslaught of lithium-ion batteries in our waste and recycling streams, the industry became the canary in the coal mine for battery fires and how to properly prepare and fight them.”

— Ryan Fogelman, J.D., MBA

FARMINGTON HILLS, MI, USA, March 10, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Fogelman to release “7th Annual Waste & Recycling Facility Fires Annual Report,” How The US & Canada Are Getting A Handle On Their Lithium-ion Battery Fire Problem

Ryan Fogelman, Partner at Fire Rover, will be releasing his 7th edition of the “Waste & Recycling Facility Fires Annual Report” on Tuesday, which breaks down the hazards of different fire incidents by material, state, tonnage and more with the ultimate goal of finding new trends or learnings from these incidents.

The report, which includes data from 2016-2023, unveils a growing threat to the waste and recycling industry: lithium-ion batteries. While not a new threat, fires caused by lithium-ion batteries are on the rise and getting more severe on a global scale. However, we have seen a turn in the US and Canada, where we are seeing a decrease in reported fires in 2023 over 2022.

“Our Fire Rover technology, along with fire prevention plans that our waste and recycling operators have put in place over the past decade, are finally starting to take hold,” says Ryan Fogelman, author of the report. “Due to the onslaught of lithium-ion batteries in our waste and recycling streams, the industry became the canary in the coal mine for battery fires and how to properly prepare and fight them. It seems that every time you read the news, there is another report of a li-ion battery exploding in an apartment building, on an airplane, or in a bike rack. I am proud of the waste and recycling industry in the US and Canada for taking this threat as seriously as they have. “

To provide a deeper understanding of these threats and the steps the industry can take to prevent these fire incidents, the report covers:

• The causes of fire incidents
• Fire causation trends
• A breakdown of facility fires by state and province
• Year-over-year data comparisons
• The consequences of fire incidents, including injuries, illnesses and deaths
• Solutions such as Fire Rover, education, investing in technologies, implementing proven best practices and extended producer responsibility legislation
• And more

To learn more about the report, register for Fire Rover and the National Waste & Recycling Association’s upcoming webinar, “7th Annual Reported Waste & Recycling Facility Fires Webinar & Q&A,” held March 12 at 1:00 p.m. ET. During the webinar, Fogelman will discuss highlights from the report and share how the US and Canada lead the world in the effort to solve the lithium-ion batteries fire problem at waste and recycling facilities.

Interested in receiving a copy of the report? Subscribe to the “Fire Safety Report,” newsletter or email Fogelman directly at rfogelman@firerover.com.

About Fogelman
Ryan Fogelman, J.D., MBA, is a partner for Fire Rover. He is focused on bringing innovative safety solutions to market, and two of his solutions have won the distinguished Edison Innovation Award for Industrial Safety and Consumer Products. He has been compiling and publishing the “Reported Waste & Recycling Facility Fires In The US/CAN” since February 2016 and the “Waste & Recycling Facility Fires Annual Report.” Fogelman regularly speaks on the topic of the scope of fire problems facing the waste and recycling industries, early detection solutions, proper fire planning and early-stage fire risk mitigation. Additionally, Fogelman is on the National Fire Protection Association’s Technical Committee for Hazard Materials. (Connect with Ryan on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryanjayfogelman or email at rfogelman@firerover.com)

About Fire Rover
Changing the way the world fights its fires, Fire Rover, LLC is a technology company that utilizes state-of-the-art digital thermography to remotely identify, analyze and suppress fires in high-risk environments. The company’s innovative hardware and service solution is patent protected and was awarded the Edison Innovation Award. All Fire Rover’s systems are custom engineered to meet the needs of each application, and the hardware is designed and manufactured in the company’s Farmington Hills, Mich., facility. For more information about Fire Rover, please visit www.firerover.com.

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