Healthcare Art Consulting & Quality Art House (HAC & QAH) Enhance Services for Religious Facilities

Expanding our services to religious facilities allows us to bring our expertise in visual communications into spaces that are foundational to many communities.”

— Sara Beth Joyner

DALLAS, TX, US, May 23, 2024 / — Healthcare Art Consulting & Quality Art House (HAC & QAH), renowned for their innovative art and design solutions in healthcare and corporate environments, today announced their expanded services to include tailored visual communication solutions for religious facilities. Recognizing the unique needs of these sacred spaces, HAC & QAH are offering a range of specialized services, including window and glass graphics, custom artwork, signage, and digital donor and member recognition systems.

Enhancing Sacred Spaces with Visual Communications

Religious facilities often serve as centers of community and sanctuary, making the atmosphere within them of utmost importance. HAC & QAH’s new offerings are designed to honor and reflect the spiritual and communal functions of these spaces:

• Window and Glass Graphics: Utilizing the latest in printing technology, HAC & QAH can transform simple glass into stunning, light-filtering art that enhances both privacy and beauty.
• Custom Artwork: Tailored to reflect the beliefs and values of the congregation, HAC & QAH’s customized artwork helps create an inspiring environment that enhances the spiritual experience.
• Signage: From wayfinding to informational displays, their signage solutions ensure that members and visitors can navigate the facility easily and safely.
• Digital Donor and Member Recognition: Recognizing the contributions of members and donors is vital in religious communities. HAC & QAH’s digital recognition systems are customizable and offer an engaging way to honor and thank supporters.

These services are carefully designed to respect the sanctity of religious spaces while incorporating elements that enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of these environments.

A Commitment to Respectful and Harmonious Design

“Expanding our services to religious facilities allows us to bring our expertise in visual communications into spaces that are foundational to many communities,” said Sara Beth Joyner, President of HAC & QAH. “We are committed to respecting the unique characteristics of each religious setting, ensuring our designs harmonize with their sacred purposes.”

Mercedes Burton, Director of Design at HAC & QAH, added, “Our approach is always about enhancing the existing beauty and significance of a space. For religious facilities, this means creating designs that uplift and inspire, providing members and visitors with a profound sense of connection and reverence.”

About Healthcare Art Consulting & Quality Art House (HAC & QAH)

Healthcare Art Consulting and Quality Art House specialize in providing artistic solutions for corporate and healthcare systems and facilities nation-wide. Since 2003, the firm’s success has been centered on educating and building long-term partnerships with clients.

They offer a full spectrum of consulting and visual communication products, such as: artwork on paper, canvas, acrylic, metal, and other mediums, custom framing, large scale murals and graphics, wayfinding signage, dimensional lettering, donor recognition signage, digital signage, patient communication boards, and more.

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