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©Marco Carulli // Press conference for the creation of IDEC GROUP ITALIA at the Risorgimento Museum in Turin

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, June 28, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — GROUPE IDEC, a major player in real estate in France and abroad, and XORI Group, an Italian company specialising in engineering and construction, have joined forces to create a new joint venture: IDEC GROUP ITALIA. This new entity, based in Turin, brings together the expertise of both companies, and now offers support across the entire real estate value chain, integrating the challenges of carbon neutrality.

The association of two real estate experts
Founded in France almost 25 years ago, GROUPE IDEC is now one of the leading players in the real estate market, with over 600 employees in France and 1,000 abroad, 700,000 m2 completed each year and over 1,000 hectares under development. To boost its development in Italy, the group has joined forces with XORI Group, a company that employs over 200 people in the country and integrates seven different companies, the oldest of which dates back to 1979.
“Together with IDEC GROUP ITALIA, we aim to create a benchmark company to support players in industry, business and logistics in the realisation of their real estate projects, integrating all the levers of innovation and sustainability”, explains Patrice LAFARGUE, Founder and Chairman of GROUPE IDEC.

A 360° view of real estate
By combining their respective areas of expertise, GROUPE IDEC and XORI Group aim to stand out from the players present in Italy by adopting the approach founded by Patrice LAFARGUE in France, namely a 360° vision of real estate.
“We have always wanted to position ourselves as a service company and we have always sought to meet all our customers’ needs. We obviously intend to adopt the same approach in Italy, capitalising on the expertise of our partner XORI Group”, added Patrice LAFARGUE.

A unique association with complementary skills
With its knowledge of the local market and the standards that make it up, its national roots and its numerous projects in Italy and more widely in Europe, XORI Group represents a partner of choice for GROUPE IDEC to develop its activities in Italy.

“We intend to combine our know-how and the complementary nature of our businesses,” Patrice LAFARGUE explains. “From planning and development of high-potential land to the design and turnkey construction of logistics, tertiary and industrial projects, and investment, we also intend to deploy our most innovative low-carbon energy solutions to support our customers in the energy and environmental transition of their projects”.

A new location in Turin
To be as close as possible to its customers, IDEC GROUP ITALIA is setting up in Italy, more specifically in Turin.
Chairman of XORI Group, Luca ROLLINO said, “With the strategic creation of IDEC GROUP ITALIA, we are putting Turin and the Piedmont region back at the heart of European and international economic interests, as the starting point for a promising new adventure.”

“From this new location, we are counting on potential business worth more than 100 million euros over the next few years, with an ambitious vision for the region’s economic development through industrial and logistics projects. With IDEC GROUP ITALIA, we intend to offer a breakthrough by supporting our customers across the entire real estate value chain”.

Several projects under study
In parallel with the creation of IDEC GROUP ITALIA, GROUPE IDEC and XORI Group teams are already at work on several large-scale operations. These include a logistics project of almost 60,000 m2 in the Veneto region, which is currently being studied and requested by customers around Milan and Rome.

A major player in the real estate sector, bringing together more than twenty companies with expertise in their fields, GROUPE IDEC operates in France and abroad to plan, develop, finance and supply innovative energy solutions, as well as to design and build all types of buildings. It is positioned as a responsible player in the energy transition and in limiting the artificialisation of land. The company works with local authorities on each new project to revitalise local areas by creating new living and working spaces. This commitment translates into a determination to contribute to the green growth of cities, businesses and individuals, while meeting the challenges of sustainable, coherent and pragmatic economic development.
– 2000 The year the company was created
– 490 million in sales by 2023
– 620 employees in France + 1,000 worldwide
– 3.2 million m2 certified
– + 1,000 Ha under development in France and abroad – 400 million euros in real estate assets
– 6 subsidiaries in Europe and Asia
– 700,000 m2 built each year
– 20+ parks under development in France and abroad

GROUPE IDEC INTERNATIONAL supports its customers in Europe and Asia in the development of their real estate projects. Its subsidiaries and in- house teams capitalize on their local presence to offer tailor-made support. Thanks to its extensive knowledge of all the markets in which the company operates, its teams understand the specific features and challenges of each region of the world, from a cultural, technical, economic or regulatory point of view.

About XORI Group
The XORI Group is an engineering company active in the construction, plant engineering and energy sectors, integrating various activities. With a broad and diversified customer base, a propensity for innovation and an international business model, the XORI Group focuses on the research and development of efficient and sustainable solutions. It positions itself as an aggregation center for the best professional experience in its fields of activity and beyond. Its vision is based on sustainable growth, quality human capital and constant innovation. The application of cutting-edge technologies and multidisciplinarity make the XORI Group a unique player on the Italian scene.

Co-founded by GROUPE IDEC and XORI Group, IDEC GROUP ITALIA supports the development of these two real estate players in Italy. With its knowledge of the market and local standards, its complementary expertise and its involvement across the entire real estate value chain, IDEC GROUP ITALIA strengthens GROUPE IDEC’s international presence after Asia, Spain, Switzerland and Sweden.

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