Cority’s first-of-its-kind tool empowers IH professionals with a flexible calculation engine to reduce risk and support rapid intervention

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, February 27, 2024 / — Cority, a leading global enterprise EHS (Environment, Health, and Safety) software provider has developed an Industrial Hygiene (IH) Calculation Engine that enables organizations to create and execute complex, layered industrial hygiene exposure calculations for unique workplace hazards – from extreme heat to ionizing radiation. The pioneering innovation further transforms firms’ capabilities to quickly and accurately assess unique work exposures to physical and chemical agents, helping them intervene early before exposures lead to workplace harm while ensuring strict compliance to regulatory requirements.

The underlying technology for the IH Calculation Engine is not new to Cority. As part of Cority’s Environmental Cloud offering, customers have leveraged the engine to design and run calculations to support complex environmental monitoring use cases for years. Working with a uranium mining customer last year, Cority discovered the extended value and potential of the engine to reduce time and effort required to calculate, monitor, and report on workforce exposures. With hundreds of employees working at different locations within the mine each day and each location having a specific level of ionizing radiation exposure, it was exceedingly difficult for the customer to determine who was at the most risk. To make matters worse, the required calculations to determine a worker’s cumulative exposure are highly complex and time-consuming, creating excessive administrative burdens without offering real-time data to guide the company when and where intervention is needed.

By applying Cority’s IH Calculation Engine, the mine operator can create a library of layered calculations to help assess workplace exposures with confidence and ease. Now, monitoring data collected from the field flows seamlessly into the pre-set equations within the IH Calculation Engine, instantaneously calculating exposure results and comparing them to defined thresholds, helping the firm assess compliance in real-time. As organizational leaders now have more accurate data on workplace exposures, they are better positioned with enhanced insights to address the underlying causes of these exposures and intervene proactively, thereby reducing workplace harm and enhancing compliance.

Cority’s IH calculation engine has the potential to service and simplify any number of complex industrial hygiene monitoring and evaluation use cases, including radiation, heat stress and even noise exposure. Such proven functionality is exclusive to Cority in the EHS software industry, reflecting the provider’s level of demonstrated industrial and occupational hygiene expertise, as reported by Verdantix in the 2023 EHS Software Green Quadrant where Cority received the highest score for Industrial Hygiene amongst the vendors assessed.

“Since industrial hygiene hazards are largely invisible and difficult to predict, it’s critical for organizations to have reliable, efficient calculation tools to make sure that they can act as a responsible, proactive, people-focused company,” said Shanna Biggs, Cority’s industrial hygiene product manager and a certified safety professional. “Our IH calculation engine enables them to act and mitigate exposures at the earliest possible time in support of employee health today and into the future.”

In addition to strengthening compliance and simplifying reporting, the software’s key benefits include enhancing risk visibility so resources can be allocated where and when needed; reducing administrative burdens; boosting calculation precision and lessening the risk of error; and increasing flexibility to meet industry-specific exposure scenarios that can impact corrective actions and/or regulatory reporting.

The calculation engine, which is applicable to any organization with an advanced IH program or that conducts complex IH exposure calculations, may be integrated with Cority’s other industrial hygiene offerings as part of Cority’s comprehensive EHS SaaS-based platform, CorityOne. Building on an organization’s industrial hygiene program, clients can easily unify all their EHS programs into a single comprehensive cloud platform to uncover key insights and create a single, accurate, and holistic view of EHS performance.


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