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Empowering Economic Collaboration: GNATA’s 2024 Mission to Connect Businesses Across Continents

Our association’s singular focus is to unlock value for our members by forging key relationships that transcend borders and catalyze sustained business success.”

— Mr. Edward Fridie, GNATA’s CEO

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, March 13, 2024 / — The Guyana North American Trade Association (GNATA) is thrilled to build upon its remarkable success in 2023. We continue solidifying the economic bonds uniting North American enterprises with Guyana’s blossoming business landscape. As 2024 dawns with promise, GNATA stands resolute in its mission to bridge American and Canadian companies and entrepreneurs with the lucrative opportunities beckoning in Guyana – a nation lauded for its vigorous economic expansion and an investment climate ripe for growth.

In recent years, Guyana has emerged as a veritable hotbed of commercial investment, fueled in no small part by the country’s flourishing oil and gas industry. Recognizing the untapped potential, GNATA has facilitated mutually advantageous partnerships, establishing itself as the preeminent gateway for trans-continental trade, knowledge sharing, and investment collaboration between profit-driven North American interests and the fertile Guyanese market. As GNATA’s CEO Edward Fridie articulated, “Our association’s singular focus is to unlock value for our members by forging key relationships that transcend borders and catalyze sustained business success.”

GNATA’s activities for 2024 include a series of networking events, trade missions, and informational seminars designed to educate and connect potential investors with Guyanese businesses. We support our membership with an online platform that offers resources, market insights, and access to crucial business contacts within Guyana.

Moreover, GNATA works closely with government agencies, industry leaders, and local businesses in Guyana to ensure that investments and partnerships align with the country’s development goals and economic policies. This collaborative approach ensures a smooth and beneficial integration for North American businesses looking to enter the Guyanese market.

As GNATA continues its mission in 2024, the association invites CEOs, entrepreneurs, and business leaders from North America interested in exploring the opportunities within Guyana’s rapidly growing economy to join its network. Together, we can pave the way for a future of prosperous business relations and economic growth.

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About GNATA:
The Guyana North American Trade Association (GNATA) is a leading trade association dedicated to connecting North American businesses with opportunities in Guyana. Through a comprehensive suite of services, including networking events, trade missions, and market intelligence, GNATA aims to foster economic growth and sustainable development in both regions.

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