Beautiful Vintage-Industrial Dining on Main Street, America

The Original Swing-out Seat Vintage-Industrial (all Iron & Oak) Cafe’ Table, By Get-Back Inc. (end view)

The Original Swing-out Seat / Better Barstool By Get-Back Inc.

embracing our vintage-industrial heritage with real innovation & greater accessibility for all

OAKVILLE, CT, UNITED STATES, February 16, 2024 / — Get-Back Inc. (GBI), furniture manufacturer to the trade, celebrity-designers & stars alike, and a pioneer in the Vintage-Industrial design movement, proudly announces the nationwide debut of its commercial line, TOSOS®, in collaboration with Restaurant Furniture Plus (RFP) – the number one industry supplier and online retailer. This landmark launch marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey, reflecting its unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, authenticity and innovation.

Founded in 2000 by visionary entrepreneur Tim Byrne, GBI has been instrumental in popularizing the vintage-industrial aesthetic in America. With a deep appreciation for the artistry and heritage of the industrial era, Tim Byrne embarked on a mission to revive the spirit of American craftsmanship and industrial ingenuity. “Vintage-Industrial design pays homage to our incredible history and the laborers who built this great nation during the industrial revolution. A fantastic era for advancement, considered “the Gilded Age of ingenuity”, a time which we respect, work to revisit and help others to revere… as it’s been the catalyst for so many American Dreams. Through design we’ve championed this unique style for nearly a quarter-century, delivering top-tier furnishings to businesses around the world, and now we aim to make this style more accessible.”

The Vintage-Industrial style combines both the historical or retro aesthetics with industrialized, mechanized design elements, drawing inspiration from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Characterized by natural, utilitarian materials such as exposed steel and reclaimed wood, the vintage-industrial style emphasizes functionality, practicality, and a strong, purposeful design. “Vintage-industrial design sets itself apart with a personality, character, and heritage to it” says Tim Byrne. “It melds aesthetics with mechanics, engaging both the senses and the mind, with hints at the structural elements or the inner-workings, and when showcased together, they all work to illustrate a captivating, historical story, one that’s been waiting to unfold. Just like many of the iconic vintage industrial pieces we’ve brought to market. Today, we aim to position one of our most unique dining-pieces, and one the most industrious vintage products we’ve ever re-created… as the foundation for our entire line (The Original Swing-out Seat, hence the name TOSOS®). This vintage piece strikes the perfect balance between form, function & beauty.

The TOSOS® line has a unique story of origin, one that celebrates the rich legacy of American ingenuity & craftsmanship, embodying over 150 years of usage and influence here in the heart of New England. From bustling cafeterias to select schools, these distinctive seats were a cornerstone of communal dining, ease-of-use and efficiency, helping to nurture young minds and fill active bellies. Rooted in the hard-work and dedication of our predecessors, TOSOS® blends modern comfort with industrial practicality. A genuine heritage-piece, offering sturdy, safer, seating, that is both easy to clean and maintain, while also delivering exceptional ROI for the owner. Nick Kididis, RFP’s Product Manager, heading-up the sales for this designer-line, knows the benefits more than most. “TOSOS® will deliver real efficiency, savings, safety and better peace-of-mind,” says Nick. “It’s the ultimate solution for maximizing your dining while enhancing the experience. Ideal for anyone who wants to stand-out, while allowing folks to literally, “take a seat in history”, and enjoy a real-piece of the American story!”

“The TOSOS® line represents a new era of Vintage-Industrial design, it is where innovation meets elegance, and where functional can still mean beautiful”, says Tim Byrne. Key features of TOSOS® include its tuck-away design and the custom swing-out seats, providing maximum efficiency and the best use of space. Whether it’s a long, narrow pub, an island-style bar, or an outdoor patio, TOSOS® offers a stylish and durable solution. Ideal for anyone looking to make a wise investment in their business -TOSOS® comes with a Lifetime Guarantee (100% customer satisfaction on all working-parts for as long as you own them).

“We are thrilled to partner with RFP in order to bring TOSOS® to more businesses everywhere, says Tim Byrne. “Their reputation as the number one supplier to the hospitality industry aligns perfectly with our mission to work with the best, in order to provide the best. TOSOS® products are all custom-made, to suit the client’s needs, so partnering with a sales organization who believes in exceptional customer services was key, and that is Nick & his team.”

Co-Owner of RFP said it best when he talked about the current state of the industry and how the more-seasoned business owners know the importance of timing. “The timing for this new relationship was perfect, it made a lot of sense for all of us. With the COVID-scare in the past (for the most part), we’ve been very interested in expanding our premium-product offering. We’ve seen firsthand, more and more owners reinvest in their businesses. The competitive restauranteurs know that they’re all going after the same local customers, so they need to differentiate. Adding TOSOS® to our line-up was just smart business. It’s helped us adapt more to the ever-changing landscape while also offering a top-tier product. …And we’ll always be here, helping our customer’s find the latest, coolest, best products.” -George Deeb

The launch of the TOSOS® commercial line marks a new chapter in GBI’s journey. Dave Macey, Head of Brand+Design at GBi closes with “We used to do several hundred Swing-out Seats & Tables per year, now with this launch we have the ability to bring these beauties to a new pub or eatery on every Main Street, in every major US city, every single week. To us, TOSOS is just short for Toss-Out the Old Stuff because NOW IS THE TIME for that upgrade you’ve been thinking about! So, put your trust in the Pros at RFP, they’ll help you choose what’s best for you & your business. You’ll never stack another metal barstool or fix another broken wooden chair because with TOSOS® they’re all designed to be better & built to last longer. Ideal for folks who want an exquisite alternative, to the old style of seating & dining.”

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