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The patent awarded to Gaize is a significant piece of validation for the company’s unique approach to impairment detection from cannabis and other drugs.

This patent is a significant step forward in the mission of creating safer roads and workplaces, and we are excited to continue innovating and bringing this life-saving technology to the world.”

— Rob Lass, CTO of Gaize

MISSOULA, MONTANA, UNITED STATES, February 13, 2024 / — Gaize, a leader in real-time impairment detection, today announced a pivotal milestone in its mission to create safer workplaces and roads: the granting of a key patent for its revolutionary technology. This patent (US 11896376) recognizes the company’s unique approach to using eye movement analysis to objectively and accurately detect impairment caused by cannabis, alcohol, and other drugs.

“This patent is huge piece of validation,” said Ken Fichtler, CEO of Gaize. “Gaize has built a scientifically validated, objective method for determining impairment that goes beyond traditional, chemical-based testing. This means employers and law enforcement can now make informed decisions based on a person’s current state, not what they may have consumed hours or even days ago.”

Gaize’s technology utilizes a virtual reality headset equipped with high-precision eye tracking sensors. During a quick, six-minute test, users follow moving targets with their eyes while the system analyzes their eye movements and pupil characteristics. Gaize’s AI algorithms then compare the data to a vast database of impairment indicators, providing an instant clear result: either signs of impairment are found, or signs of impairment are absent.

The potential benefits of this technology are vast. For employers, Gaize offers a reliable and non-invasive way to ensure workplace safety while minimizing the risk of discrimination or false positives. Since Gaize is sensitive to impairment from a vast number of substances, employers are no longer limited to looking for the mere presence of a select few substances. Law enforcement can use it to improve training, in roadside sobriety testing and to gather objective evidence for DUI investigations.

“We are committed to making our roads and workplaces safer for everyone,” said Rob Lass, CTO of Gaize. “This patent is a significant step forward in that mission, and we are excited to continue innovating and bringing this life-saving technology to the world.”

Key benefits of Gaize’s patented impairment detection technology:
• Objective and accurate: Analyzes eye movements to detect signs of impairment, not just presence of substances.
• Fast and efficient: Delivers results in just six minutes, allowing for immediate action.
• Non-invasive and private: No bodily fluids, no personal information or embarrassing procedures.
• Scientifically validated: Backed by decades of research on eye movement and impairment.
• Versatile: Applicable to a wide range of substances, not just those on standard 5 or 12-panel drug tests.

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