Endura Thermally Modified Ash

Outdoor furniture company Furnitubes launches its Endura thermally modified timber range at an event held in their London showroom on May 1st.

Choosing the right materials can significantly affect both the functionality and the environmental footprint of urban spaces. Our Endura and reclaimed timber ranges exemplify this belief.””

— Catherine Barratt, Managing Director

LONDON, UK, May 7, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Outdoor furniture company Furnitubes, who have over 70 years’ experience in manufacturing sustainable outdoor furniture for public spaces, has recently launched its Endura timber range at an invite-only event held in their London showroom on May 1st.

Endura, a thermally modified timber range, is designed to last several more years than untreated timber in outdoor environments, and underscores Furnitubes’ ongoing focus to create durable outdoor environments for public and commercial use. Furnitubes invited landscape architects, designers, and industry leaders to be among the first to experience their Endura range in person.

Thermal Modification of Local Ash

Vastern Timber, one of Furnitubes’ timber partners within the Endura project, were on hand to explain the process of modifying local Ash by essentially ‘baking’ it at 214°C using Scandinavian techniques, drastically enhancing its fundamental properties.

The process makes it highly resistant to environmental damage, while also adding a beautiful, lasting finish, significantly reducing the need for maintenance. Upon stress-testing, Endura Ash proved just as strong as FSC Iroko timber, capable of withstanding the weight of more than 9 adults over a 1m span, well within its day to day use in Furnitubes’ product ranges.

A prototype of Furnitubes’ signature modular Railroad bench using Endura Ash was on display, having been tested in outdoor conditions for the previous 8 months.

Reclaiming Tropical Hardwood

In partnership with Ashwells Reclaimed Tropical Hardwood, Furnitubes also introduced reclaimed tropical timber as another alternative to existing material sources.

Reclaimed tropical hardwood timber, chosen specifically for its durability in inclement conditions, is collected from all around the English coastline, reducing transport emissions to a fraction of what it would be to import tropical hardwood from abroad. Additionally, reclaimed wood, sourced from old buildings or unused infrastructure, offers a source of materials that lessens the need to cut down trees as a source of new timber.

Catherine Barratt, Managing Director of Furnitubes, emphasised the company’s strategic direction, “The launch of our Endura range and introduction of reclaimed tropical timber are one of several initiatives we have embarked on as we transform Furnitubes into a manufacturing outfit that will leave a positive impact on all our stakeholders. Both Endura and reclaimed timber are responsibly sourced, reducing the need for new materials and preserving our wildlife. Happily, choosing the right materials also improves the aesthetics of our product so our clients don’t need to choose between enduring value, beautiful design, and hard-wearing functionality.”

Furnitubes is determined to lead the way in sustainable urban design, with Endura and their reclaimed timber ranges forming part of a long history of creating enduring urban landscapes. “We believe that choosing the right materials can significantly affect both the functionality and the environmental footprint of urban spaces,” Barratt added. “Our Endura and reclaimed timber ranges exemplify this belief, offering our clients products that are not only durable and beautiful but also responsibly sourced.”

For more information about the Endura range and the benefits of Furnitubes’ sustainable material choices, click here.

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