Browser-Based AstaGPT Generates Helpful Responses to Users’ Questions About Elecosoft’s Asta Suite

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our Asta Suite; AstaGPT is a significant enhancement to the platform.”

— David Hernandez

HOUSTON , TEXAS, UNITED STATES, March 8, 2024 / — Elecosoft, the specialist international software provider for the built environment, announce its beta release of AstaGPT, an Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) powered tool for its Asta Suite of project planning and scheduling solutions.

AstaGPT is a browser-based AI tool that generates helpful responses to users’ questions about Asta Suite. The launch version offers multilingual support, meaning that users can converse with the AI tool in their native language.

The announcement was made at Elecosoft’s Asta Innovation Summit in Nashville. The event was created not only to help attendees optimize their use of Asta Powerproject (Elecosoft’s flagship product), but to provide valuable insights “to improve project planning and performance management, mitigate project failure, and propel project goals forward.”

Designed to be fast and intuitive, AstaGPT draws upon Elecosoft’s meticulously authored Asta Help documentation to aggregate answers and serve them as logical, stepped solutions. Every answer contains a structured response with source links back to the Asta Help documentation so that users can read the original content. It has been tested internally to upskill new users on Asta’s core technology.

“AstaGPT is a significant tool for both new and experienced users of Asta,” said Martha Karagiorgi, Elecosoft Global Product Manager. “This feature will save them precious time when accessing our expert help, meaning they can get back to their tasks faster and equipped with the right solutions. We also see AstaGPT as a valuable addition to our customers’ onboarding and upskilling journeys.”

The Asta suite, which includes flagship product Powerproject, is one of the leading construction planning tools, used globally to plan, track, and deliver complex structures. Notable projects include Tottenham Hotspur Football Stadium, Hong Kong International Airport, and The Shard in London. The software has been serving users’ needs for nearly four decades, and as such has an extensive Help documentation library.

The current Asta Help documentation is accessed by professionals across 180 countries. Elecosoft’s configuration of AstaGPT enables users throughout those countries to input questions – and receive answers – in their native language.

“We are constantly looking for ways to improve our Asta Suite,” said David Hernandez, Head of US for Elecosoft. “AstaGPT is a significant enhancement to the platform and provides a solid foundation for onboarding of new users, expanding our learning platform, and setting up future innovations to both our Asta roadmap and our AI roadmap.”

Elecosoft LLC was established in 2021 as one of the operating brands of its parent company, Eleco (AIM: ELCO). Its mission is to focus on their growing U.S. presence by providing companies with market-leading, integrated software tools that support the building lifecycle across a range of industries to drive efficient operations. Elecosoft’s software portfolio is used during early planning stages through to construction and facilities management. Its flagship product, Powerproject, empowers better outcomes on projects of all sizes through its intuitive scheduling, 4D BIM integration, a mobile app, and resource management features. The company’s software solutions are created by highly skilled and innovative in-house developers in close collaboration with customers. Elecosoft also supports its customers with flexible training, technical support, and consultancy services, to maximize value. For more information, visit

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