Powerful ways to secure your home.

Broken glass from a smash-and-grab Crime

Glass is the weakest point of entry.

Armitek Stepping Up to Offer Security Solutions Such as Bulletproof Glass

Our products have been designed to withstand even the most determined attacks, giving our clients the assurance that their valuables, and lives, are well protected.”

— Dustin Van Wagoner

OREM, UTAH, UNITED STATES, February 8, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — With the recent surge in crime rates and security threats, CEO’s and business owners are no longer taking any chances when it comes to protecting their businesses, homes, and vehicles. In light of recent attacks, riots, retaliation by former employees, robberies, and more, companies like Armitek have stepped up to provide top-notch security solutions such as bulletproof glass and security film.

The decision to invest in enhanced security measures comes as no surprise, as businesses and individuals have become increasingly vulnerable to crime and security threats. There has been a significant increase in property crimes, including burglaries and thefts, in the past year alone, according to The University of Pennsylvania Department of Criminology https://crim.sas.upenn.edu/fact-check/violent-crime-increasing. This has left many business leaders feeling the need to take proactive measures to safeguard their assets.

In response to this growing concern, Armitek, a leading creator of security solutions, has committed to providing the highest quality products to protect businesses, homes, and vehicles. Their bulletproof glass and security film have been rigorously tested and proven to withstand various forms of attacks, providing a sense of security and peace of mind to their clients.

In a statement, the Managing Director of Armitek, Dustin Van Wagoner said, “We understand the importance of protection, and we are committed to providing the best security solutions to our clients. Our products have been designed to withstand even the most determined attacks, giving our clients the assurance that their valuables, and lives, are well protected.”

With the rise in crime rates and security threats, it is crucial for CEOs and business owners to take necessary measures to protect their assets. Armitek’s commitment to providing top-notch security solutions is a step in the right direction, and their products are sure to provide the much needed protection today’s business leaders demand.

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