Commercial Cleaning Company located in Chicago, IL

Ensuring our team members are prepared before entering a medical facility

Bee Line Support expands medical grade cleaning services to the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area.

We understand the critical role a clean and sanitized environment plays in all industries. We are thrilled to expand our reach and bring our medical-grade cleaning expertise to the Milwaukee area.”

— Jamie Henry, CEO of Bee Line Support

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN, UNITED STATES, April 16, 2024 / — Bee Line Support, a leading certified medical-grade cleaning company headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, is pleased to announce its expansion into the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. This expansion brings Bee Line’s exceptional cleaning services to healthcare facilities, schools, industrial facilities, and a wide range of commercial businesses throughout the Milwaukee metro region.

Bee Line Support offers a comprehensive suite of cleaning services, including janitorial, disinfection, deep cleaning, floor cleaning, porter services, window washing, pressure washing, emergency cleaning, terminal cleaning, ceiling cleaning, and post-construction cleaning. Bee Line Support offers commercial cleaning services for a wide range of industries including:

Hospitals & Surgical Centers
• Medical Office Buildings
• Industrial & Manufacturing Facilities
• Commercial Businesses
• Schools & Universities
• Banks & Financial Institutions
• Cleanrooms
• Warehouses & Storage Facilities

Bee Line Support built a one-of-a-kind Medical Cleaning Training Center meticulously designed to replicate real-world healthcare settings. Here, certified instructors train new cleaning crews on advanced cleaning techniques, proper chemical mixing, and safety measures for any scenario. Management teams are trained in the use of black light auditing technology to ensure medical-grade cleanliness standards beyond just surface-level cleaning. Bee Line Support hires all of their cleaners internally and never subcontracts workers.

All employees undergo full background checks to ensure the security and privacy of customers. Bee Line’s commitment to training goes beyond initial onboarding. All janitorial staff receive customized training modules and in-person training to ensure employees are cleaning to medical-grade standards no matter the industry. With amongst the highest employee retention in the industry, you can count on Bee Line Support to have cleaning crews available no matter the time.

About Bee Line Support
Bee Line Support is a leading certified medical-grade cleaning company headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. With over 500 employees, Bee Line now services the Greater Milwaukee, Wisconsin region. Bee Line’s dedication to training, cutting-edge technology, and exceptional customer service makes them the trusted choice for Milwaukee’s businesses.

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Bee Line Support
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