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We’ve been in business for more than 25 years and have been able to turn nearly every project into a lifelong client relationship — based on premium products, exemplary service, and ongoing care.”

— Bryan McCormick, owner of Arizona Solar Wave

MESA, AZ, UNITED STATES, February 19, 2024 / — Arizona Solar Wave, a Mesa, AZ company, recently launched a new website featuring a Solar Calculator that makes it easy to calculate an approximate cost of going solar based on location, electricity bill, and system type. It can also quickly estimate the savings that can be realized by going solar.

Arizona Solar Wave is committed to providing solar energy solutions to homeowners and businesses that will help solve the current and upcoming energy problems in Arizona. Their goal is to make the process simple with a team of consultants, financing options, installers, and an entire team of dedicated professionals.

Arizona Solar Wave believes in a simplified approach to going solar. The company’s business model is based on using the smallest amount of capital to create the greatest amount of return on behalf of our customers. Under promising and overdelivering is always their #1 goal, and the long-term success of every project has allowed them to serve Arizonans for over 25 years!

Arizona Solar Wave understands the problems of ever-increasing energy costs, the need for more electricity for daily use, and the problems faced with grid failures, and is at the forefront of the energy industry and increasing electrification. Their carefully constructed process is comprehensive. Arizona Solar Wave solar consultants work with customers and consider their unique energy requirements to customize the best system to fit their needs. Project managers communicate with them throughout the process as the team provides the planning, design, engineering, permitting, financing (including taking full advantage of incentives), and installation of the premium solar panel systems. The company believes in educating customers so that they understand what they are purchasing, how it works, and what it means. Arizona Solar Wave stands by their work and the products they provide with a comprehensive 25-year warranty.

“Our new website helps us tell our story,” stated Bryan McCormick, owner of Arizona Solar Wave. “We’ve been in business for more than 25 years and have been able to turn nearly every project into a lifelong client relationship — based on premium products, exemplary service, and ongoing care.”

Arizona Solar Wave’s consultative process strives to help residential homeowners attain the best return on investment as they transition from fossil fuels to clean, renewable, solar energy. Its team of highly trained advisors assist customers to size the solar system to custom fit their home, explore several financing options, and make a recommendation based on the customer’s best interests, discuss tax credits that may be available, and highlight the expected short, medium, and long-term savings — even the effect that solar may have on their property value. In switching to solar, customers not only help the environment but can also enjoy more predictable energy costs and, with a backup battery, add resiliency against electric grid outages. Arizona Solar Wave serves communities throughout Arizona. For more information about Arizona Solar Wave Solar, go to

About Arizona Solar Wave
Arizona Solar Wave was founded in 1999 by Arizona lifetime resident Bryan McCormick! Bryan is an electrical engineer with a strong work ethic and a commitment to providing solutions to homeowners that stand the test of time. The staff is made up of journeyman electricians, engineers, and other dedicated professionals. The company is committed to the economic vitality of their Arizona community and believes in hiring locally.

Being able to turn every project that they take on into a lifelong client relationship is one of the company goals. Arizona Solar Wave has the experience and expertise to help make homeowner’s and business owner’s dream of having a smart, grid-resilient property a reality.
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