The patented design ensures that once installed, PlatForm Pro will never need to be removed for future roofing projects, thereby minimizing disruptions…”

— Cully Cangelosi

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA, UNITED STATES, February 29, 2024 / — In the domain of roofing and HVAC installations, efficiency and sustainability hold paramount importance. Recognizing this imperative need, Platform Pro introduces an innovative solution poised to redefine industry standards for rooftop equipment installations. Developed by Cully Cangelosi, a seasoned roofing contractor from Louisiana with 15 years of experience, Platform Pro confronts a longstanding challenge that has burdened HVAC and roofing professionals across the nation.

Traditionally, the installation and maintenance of HVAC units on rooftops presented numerous complications, often necessitating the removal of condenser units prior to any roofing work. This procedure was not only laborious but also incurred significant costs, with alternatives being either the construction of wooden platforms or custom-fabricated metal structures, both of which demanded considerable lead times and financial outlay.

After years of rigorous design and development efforts, Cangelosi and the team at Platform Pro have unveiled a patented adjustable platform that revolutionizes the installation process. This groundbreaking platform, known as PlatForm Pro, eliminates the necessity for removal during re-roofing projects. With its adjustable design, it accommodates roof pitches from 0/12 to 12/12 and can be leveled on uneven roof surfaces, ensuring a seamless and efficient installation process.

“Understanding the challenges encountered by roofing and HVAC contractors across the country drove the development of a solution that would not only conserve time and resources but also enhance the durability and integrity of roofing systems,” said Cangelosi. “The patented design ensures that once installed, PlatForm Pro will never need to be removed for future roofing projects, thereby minimizing disruptions and potential damage to both the roof and the HVAC units.”

The versatility of PlatForm Pro extends beyond its adjustable nature. Designed with environmental sustainability in mind, the system is 100% recyclable, UV resistant, and guarantees it will never rot or leak, addressing common concerns associated with traditional platform materials. Its unique patented design facilitates quick and easy installation, includes all necessary hardware, and can be properly flashed with current market split boots, meeting the flashing height requirements for low slope roof systems.

The introduction of PlatForm Pro into the market is not merely a testament to innovation but also reflects the urgent need for solutions that cater to both practicality and environmental sustainability in construction. With products now installed in nine different states, what began as a solution to a local problem in New Orleans has rapidly become a sought-after solution nationwide.

Looking ahead, Platform Pro remains committed to continuous innovation, with plans to expand its product line to encompass a variety of applications beyond rooftop HVAC installations. “The journey from concept to reality has been both challenging and rewarding. With the support from customers and the dedication of the team, there is excitement to explore new avenues where this technology can make a significant impact,” added Cangelosi.

As industries evolve and seek more efficient, sustainable solutions, Platform Pro stands at the forefront, offering a glimpse into the future of rooftop installations. With its patented design, the company is not just addressing immediate challenges but paving the way for a new standard in the integration of roofing and HVAC systems.

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