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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 12, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Aaron Glynn, co-founder of GLYNNdesignbuild, shares insights into what sets his company apart from other design-build firms. Discussing the potential advantages and disadvantages of collaborating with a design-build team, Glynn emphasizes the critical need for homeowners to make informed decisions to avoid undesirable outcomes and unexpected repair costs. Choosing a design-build company that prioritizes design is crucial. The foundation of any successful project lies in excellent design, and rectifying poor design during construction is often challenging. Numerous design-build companies primarily focus on construction from a general contracting platform. GDB, however, provides general contracting services with a unique emphasis on maintaining control over architectural quality, a rarity in the industry, Glynn says.

Design-build projects are on the rise. According to the house digest and statistics from the Fails Management Institute, design-build construction is projected to represent up to 47% of all construction spending over the next three to four years.

Glynn advises homeowners to inspect examples of the design-build team’s previous work before making any financial commitments. The company should readily provide work samples; the absence of such samples is a red flag. According to Glynn, the customer’s vision must align with what the design-build team can deliver. He emphasizes GLYNNdesignbuild’s commitment to understanding the client’s needs and ensuring the final result meets the customer’s expectations. Glynn says homeowners should inspect examples of the design-build team’s previous work before making any financial commitments. Discuss how the design process works and how much the budget increased between the start and finish of construction.

“Also, keep in mind there is a specialization in architectural style amongst different contractors,” states Glynn. “Homeowners need to work closely with their architect or designer and find a builder that can execute the type of work they desire. Not every builder has the capability to execute great design detail.”

According to Glynn, attention to detail in design is an essential component of the design-build process. The whole project should flow effortlessly from room to room, with a focus on framing important views. If there is no important view, design one with landscaping or something interesting.

As Glynn explains, consistency of detail throughout the entire project, inside and outside, is among the most essential aspects of the design job. Timely execution, budget analysis, and ensuring quality of detail are crucial aspects of the construction.

Founded in 2002 by Aaron and Britton Glynn, GLYNNdesignbuild is a company that offers various services, encompassing design-build, traditional general contracting, and comprehensive architectural services. Specializing primarily in design-build, the company is able to uniquely streamline the collaborative nature between a homeowner, builder, and architect.

Both founders hold Master’s degrees in Architecture from the Southern California Institute of Architecture, showcasing a profound understanding of the importance of thoughtful design and construction. Aaron is a licensed General Contractor, while Britton is a licensed Architect.

To learn more about Aaron Glynn and GLYNNdesignbuild, click here: https://www.glynndesignbuild.com/

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