21st Asia Coatings Market 06-07 March Bangkok Thailand.

BANGKOK, THAILAND, February 15, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The 21st Asia Coatings Market Conference supported by associate sponsor, Synthomer and exhibitor, Allnex, is gearing up to be the definitive event for industry professionals seeking to stay ahead of the curve in the dynamic world of coatings. Scheduled for March 6th and 7th, 2024, at the vibrant city of Bangkok, Thailand, this conference promises one and a half days packed with invaluable networking opportunities and dives deep into the latest trends, challenges, and innovations to shape the coatings landscape.

**Day 1 Highlights: March 6th, 2024**

The conference kicks off on Wednesday, March 6th, with an invigorating agenda designed to provide attendees with comprehensive insights into the global economic outlook, sustainability, innovation, and market trends driving the coatings industry forward.

Get a pulse on the global economic outlook: Mr. Burin Adulwattana at Kasikorn Research Center Co. Ltd (KResearch), will kick off the conference by providing insights into the world economy, energy prices, and inflation, highlighting potential bright spots in Asia and addressing concerns surrounding China’s property crisis.

Delve into the evolving paints & coatings landscape: Dr. Panthida Thomya from Frost & Sullivan will guide you through the latest coating trends, predict market developments over the next five years, and discuss key challenges and opportunities shaping the industry.

Embrace sustainability with ESG innovation: Dr. Guan Bing, Global ESG Innovation Director at Nippon Paint (China), will shed light on innovative solutions that drive sustainability within the industry, showcasing the crucial role of ESG in a future-proof business strategy.

Explore sustainability & building façade trends: Mr. Michael Chin Tze Kiang from Arup (Singapore), will delve into the development of sustainable cities and buildings in Asia, focusing on the impact of green and sustainable facades on coatings systems and the challenges and benefits of incorporating eco-friendly solutions.

Discover innovations towards net-zero emissions: Hear from Mr. Panuphong Pootawang, Senior Manager of Corporate Strategic Planning & Sustainability Development at TOA Paint (Thailand), as he explores practical strategies for innovation management in paints and coatings towards achieving net-zero emission goals.

Gain insights into specialty markets: Dive deep into specific market segments with expert presentations on powder coatings, bio-resins, titanium dioxide, automotive coatings, and marine coatings and hear from industry leaders like Mr. Atsushi Yoshitake (Arkema), Mr. Steve Forrest (Tronox), Mr. Taweesak Kaosol (Allnex), and Mr. Patrick Chiew (PPG Coatings) will share valuable insights and market forecasts.

Engage in collaborative discussions: Participate in a stimulating panel discussion moderated by Mr. Li Xilin at Orr & Boss Inc. Industry experts will share their experiences and ideas on decarbonizing the coating industry, addressing challenges, and exploring collaborative strategies to achieve net-zero emission goals.

**Day 2 Highlights: March 7th, 2024**

Day two of the conference promises to be equally enlightening, with a focus on regional market outlooks, emerging technologies, and sustainability initiatives driving the coatings industry forward.

Demystifying China’s Coating Landscape: Mr. Li Xilin at Orr & Boss Inc. will be examining the performance and growth trends of China’s coating industry. He will shed light on the impact of housing woes on the architectural coatings market, identify promising growth segments with market forecasts, and discuss the growing concerns surrounding sustainability and environmental regulations.

Coating the Future of Wind Energy: Mr. Kim Do Wan at AkzoNobel Paints Ltd., takes the stage next, focusing on the future of protective coatings in the wind energy industry. He will showcase successful case studies of innovative coating solutions, delve into current challenges like weather and humidity, and offer forecasts for emerging trends that will propel the industry forward.

Unlocking India’s Potential: Mr. Sagar Saxena from Valspar (India) Coatings will shed light on the immense potential of the Indian coating market. He will explore key driving factors, identify high-growth industry segments, analyze the impact of the “Make in India” initiative, and offer strategies for staying competitive in a dynamic market landscape.

Dive into Indonesia: Dr. Nurudin Budiman from Connell, will offer an in-depth analysis of the Indonesian coating market, providing supply/demand projections and specific coating demands for the new capital city, Nusantara. Sustainability considerations for coating procurement and use in the new city will also be addressed.

Intumescent Coatings: Ms. Josephine Mak at Synthomer, will then unveil the life-saving potential of intumescent coatings. She will explore the chemistry, types, and market trends of these vital solutions, guide attendees through the selection process considering regulatory requirements, and highlight the advantages they offer in fire resistance, durability, and aesthetics.

The conference concludes with a thought-provoking presentation by Dr. Hemanth Giri Rao Vantharam Venkata from Sea6 Energy. He will introduce sustainable and biodegradable seaweed-based coatings for packaging applications, showcasing Sea6 Energy’s proprietary technology for mechanized seaweed farming and the development of novel coatings for paper and paperboard packaging.

**Networking Opportunities**

In addition to the enriching conference sessions, attendees will have ample opportunities to network with industry peers, share experiences, and forge valuable partnerships during designated networking breaks and lunches. Don’t miss this unparalleled opportunity to gain actionable insights, connect with industry leaders, and stay at the forefront of the coatings market.

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