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SPOKANE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, March 12, 2024 / — A well-maintained draining system is an integral part of property maintenance. It is the drain system that plays a vital role in removing water away and keeping the home clean and fresh. No matter how careful the home owners are, the drain system is more likely to get clogged often and that may cause a foul smell, slowing in water draining, and other related risks. So it is imperative to invest in drain cleaning. Most often, people rely on DIY solutions, but when things go out of control, something different is needed.

There are various methods of drain cleaning. Experts at Shaw Plumbing Services are here to explain drain cleaning methods that help the homeowners pick the right one based on their preferences.

>> The Traditional Approach: Cabling

Cabling, also known as mechanical rodding, is a simple and conventional method, where a rod will be inserted, which is then turned by a machine or manually to dislodge the obstructions. It effectively removes soap cums, small tree roots, and other solid blockages.

>> The Powerful Approach: Hydro Jetting

It uses high-pressure water jets to break out the blockages and clean the interiors of the pipe walls. “Being an advanced and powerful technique, it effectively cleans even stubborn builds like sludge and grease, and also prevents future buildup by giving the pipeline a thorough wash,” said the experts.

>> A Cautionary Approach: Chemical Drain Cleaners

At best, the chemical drain cleaners can offer a quick fix for any minor blockages. However, “you have to remember that, any chemicals that eat away a clog also have the potential to corrode your pipes completely.” It is not recommended for severe or persistent blockages.

>> An Eco-friendly Approach: Enzymatic Cleaners

On the eco-friendly side, enzymatic cleaners which contain enzymes or bacteria are best to break down the organic material clogged in the drain. Though it is slow, they are safer not only for the pipes but also for the environment. So it is a great thumbs up for minor clogs and regular maintenance.

>> Professional Approach:

Despite one’s best efforts, if the clog persists and recurs, seeking professional drain cleaning services is necessary. Seasoned plumbers like Shaw Plumbing services will have advanced tools like video inspection equipment, Soldering torch, etc., which helps them pinpoint problems more precisely and arrive at a resolution even for complicated blockages. Professional services guarantee the effective completion of the task while minimizing the potential risks for plumbing system damage.

What makes the Shaw Plumbing Services stand out?

Shaw Plumbing Services is a locally owned and operated company that homes to Spokane’s most experienced and best plumbers. Deeply committed to providing high-quality services, they use fine plumbing materials and advanced technologies, which ensure top-notch outcomes, regardless of the complexity of the projects. From making up on time to getting the job done clean and effectively, they exhibit 100% professionalism.

Most importantly, they maintain affordable pricing for all their services along with a free estimation. Additionally, for every plumbing service, they offer an ironclad 1-year warranty, extended to 7 years for all new water heater installations. They have been picked as a top plumbing service in the Spokane region by ThreeBestRated® through their 50-Point Inspection consequently.

To get in contact with them, visit: The office is located at 738 N Cook Street, Spokane, WA 99202.

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