Established and directed by industry veteran Lee Jungwoo, Exit Sports Broadcasting is creating waves in the Korean sports media scene.

GWANAK-GU, SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, February 14, 2024 / — Under the inspiring direction of Lee Jungwoo, Exit aims to significantly reimagine the sports broadcasting scene in Korea. As proclaimed by the handler, the platform is dedicated to quality, creativity, and sportsmanship along with improving the national sports viewing experience.

The broadcasting site believes in offering thorough coverage of a variety of sports, including both specialized championships and well-known mainstream events. The intention, according to the handlers, is to serve a wide range of interests and interact with the global community of sports fans.

The platform claims to utilize the latest technology and creative methods for presenting sports content. It flaunts its major investments in technology, such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and high-definition cameras. This dedication to innovation seeks to give spectators an engaging and fun experience, as per the siteโ€™s proclaimed goals.

The company’s founder, Lee Jungwoo stated, “We believe in pushing boundaries and exploring new horizons in sports broadcasting. We invest in modern technology not simply to stay up to date, but also to set the standard and provide our viewers with an unmatched watching experience.”

Exit broadcasts a wide range of sports, from traditional sports like soccer, basketball, and baseball to emerging sports and niche competitions. The website further provides information on international sports broadcasting, MLB analysis, MLB broadcasting, NBA broadcasting, Proto, Toto, live scores, and real-time sports broadcasting. It also covers Premier League and international soccer broadcasting, as well as La Liga and international soccer broadcasting, international soccer analysis, League 1, and the Bundesliga.

Exit plans to debut original content, documentaries, and in-depth analysis shows in addition to live event coverage. With an emphasis on exploring the narratives, characters, and subtleties that distinguish each sport, the aim is to offer viewers a whole experience that goes beyond the game.

In highlighting the value of community involvement, Lee said, “Sports have the amazing power to bring people together from all walks of life. We wish to make use of that energy and establish a community where sports enthusiasts can interact, express their love, and unite in celebrating the joy of sports.”

To improve the caliber and reach of its programming, the site is eager to form alliances with clubs, leagues, and sponsors. It hopes to provide its audience with exclusive access, behind-the-scenes footage, and distinctive viewpoints by partnering with influential figures in the sports industry.

In expressing his enthusiasm for possible alliances, Lee further stated, “We think partnerships can improve the sports experience. We can bring fans closer to the action and create lifelong memories by collaborating directly with sports groups and sponsors.”

About Exit
Lee Sangwoo, an experienced professional with a love of media and sports, is the visionary behind Exit Sports Broadcasting. The platform is in a prominent position when it comes to implementing the newest trends and technology to improve the sports broadcasting experience.

For media inquiries, please contact:
Address: 1 Gwanak-ro , Gwanak-gu

Lee Sangwoo

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